Sunday, January 3, 2010

Who can show us path ?

Nobel souls are always in great demand to show us the right path.

Once a well trained eye specialist met kanchi Acharya and said " Swami ! i am going to start an eye-hospital in abroad and I need your blessings "

The venerable saint looked at him for a moment and said why to start in abroad? why not to start here itself to benefit our people ?

This ignited the doctors mind and this laid the foundation for World famous eye hospital by name " Shankara Nethrealayam "

Swami vivekanada pointed out that religion and culture are the soul of India when it is touched India will die "

It was saint Ramadasa who was behind Chatrapathi Shivaji; It was saint who made Ashoka to take up the path of Ahimsa.

Likewise only a saint can lead this country to glory.

Gita says,

"Yield not to unmanliness, it will not benefit thee

Cast it off this mean faint-heartedness and arise

O!scorcher of thine enemies" .

It is when national body is weak that all sort of germs enter in social, political and intellectual state.The only remedy is to get into the root of the problem and cleanse the impurities.

Let us awasken the eternal Bharath ! Jai Hind !

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