Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nanayam Review

I opted for Nanayam the first pick among pongal releases for two reasons .

I did not get ticket to Aayirathil Oruvan

I had a good feeling about this one .

Reason 2 worked well for me , Yes, Nanayam is a good one .

Nanayam is a racy thriller about a bank robbery , with lots of twists and turns every where in the story . Ofcourse , many of them were easily guessable for me after all these years of movie watching , but still i am happy , since Nanayam is a tamil movie .

Prasanna does the lead of a bank employee who falls in to the trap of Sibi's gang and is forced to join them in robbing his own bank . Being known as the safest bank in the world , their job becomes pretty tough , and the story moves on as suspenses unfold .

Prasanna looks good and has done his work decently . Sibi ! Frankly he was one of the major turn OFFs for me before i went in to the movie , but on this one , he has been OK . Well , he has not greatly portrayed the negative character , coz he was unable to balance the 'style' factor and the 'cruel' factor in the charactor . Ramya Rai is hot and is a decent actor and dancer., SPB is average.

Music , cinematography and editing are all decent , i did not find much instances of flaws or greatness . I do not want to do a lengthy essay of lighting used in a shot or transition techniques.

I understand that the movie is made on a limited budget , but the art direction could have been taken care a bit more . The 'studio' feel is there everywhere in the movie .Thank god , graphics are not overdone .

Every one is talking about which hollywood movie is this copied from , but i am sure its not a rip off of anything . May be there are some connections , but lets forgive that.The story is not too researched or without flaws , but then again , we cannot expect such standards everytime . Sathya has done justice to his script/screenplay . I appreciate a decent story being well directed with not too many fantasies and action .

In short , Nanayam is one movie you are safe to bet . Dont expect a Italian Job or Oceans 11 though

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