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Year 2009, the year where again wasn't a very prominent year for Tamil Cinema. We have had big surprises in both forms. Most anticipated movies failing to satisfy the audience and we had a few dark horses as well. We also had a few stars to whom year 2009 was in deed a boon and likewise the other side shares a major space too.

So to the statistics, Tamil Cinema had seen approximately 103 movies this year, just marginal difference from the last year where we had close to 117 movies. This time we had around 8 movies officially considered as remakes from other language and of course there are a bunch of unofficial remakes as well. Out of the 8 movies, a special mention should go to 'Unnai Pol Oruvan' which was remade into tamil from the usual remake principle.

Sasikumar, the director turned producer turned actor had two of his products this year and both of them got a great response from the audience as well as the critics. His production venture 'Pasanga' satisfied many and also earned accolades. 'Nadodigal', a tale about friendship, directed by Samuthira Kani also tasted success at the box office with it's racy screenplay and a polite and clean acting by all the cast. It's very clear that this man has rose in a swift and become very popular in a short span.

Tamanna will anticipate every year to be a 2009 when she wakes up every morning. She had 4 movies released this year and out of which 3 were bagged by Sun Pictures and 1 turned out to be a block buster and other 2 were considered as hits. She has also got good list of movies in the pipeline with the next one 'Payya' pairing opposite to Karthi. Hope she continues to do the same in the years to come.

Coming to Music, it was Vijay Antony who’s started with his peppy numbers to attract the listeners. He started with 'A Aa E Ee' and closed the year with another chart buster 'Vettaikaran'. Not to forget Sun Pictures who played a vital role in the field of marketting in media and in radio stations. But still, the music director earns full credit for his foot tapping numbers. Yuvan Shankar Raja also had 5 movies which released this year and turned out to be a good chartbuster. His Sarvam and Kunguma Poovum Konjum Puraavum songs literally occupied the hello tunes.

Now comes the master who literally rules the 2009. Yes, it's Sun Pictures. They were able to turn every movie released this year at least a hit. And they also have the year's biggest block buster 'Ayan'. But, they must also focus on a few quality movies which are desperately trying hard to get released because of various distribution reasons. If they start doing that, they can even promote those movies in the best way than any other distributor.

Official bombers

Every year, every site brings you the most anticipated movies in this year. 2009 is no exception we have had many expected movies from big stars and directors. Well, as usual, unfortunately, most of the movies failed to even just meet the expectation. It all started with the opener of the innings with Vijay's Villu. Coming from the expectation Vijay-Prabhu Deva combo, it was trashed even by the actor's fans. Good night watchmen innings by Vadivelu and glimpse skin show by Nayan were just the condolence factor for the movie.

Sarvam, by Vishnu vardhan, carried the expectation from the block buster 'Billa' failed to even cross 25 days. Again, some good show by the camera man Nirav Shah and pleasant music by Yuvan which had left the movie songs to become a chartbuster and it was Nirav who had a good name with the critics for this fabulous photography especially the night shoot sequences in the movie. It also had Chakkravarthy who added more expectation, but eventually, it was all the script and the screenplay which the audience expects than the stars or the directors.

Cheran's Pokkisham was another bomber which had quite a reasonable expectation. The lengthy biography literally tested the patience of the audience. Repetitive scenes and dialogues added pain to the agony. Thought a few critics appreciated the movie, it’s still a loss for Nemichand Jabak.

Immediately following Pokkisham was 'Kanthasamy'. Perhaps, the most anticipated movie of the year I can call. Critics just ripped the movie to the maximum they can. Once again Kalaipuli Dhanu failed to witness profit with his yet another big budget movies. Susi ganesan, thinks he can become Shankar in his third movie like how Shankar become. This movie had nothing great except for some skin shows and songs.

Aadhavan, KSR-Surya combo is yet another bomber where Surya carried intense expectation from Ayan and also KSR who need no explanation for the anticipation he creates. The hype created for the 10 year role bombed again and KSR must seriously consider the fact that story is again a key element in movie making and he shouldn't depend on Ramesh Kanna. Vadivelu is again a life saver in this movie with his spontaneous comedy has just saved the movie to cross the bridge.

Worthy Numbers

Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu, had all new faces and with the notable Villian Kishore doing a decent role of a coach was really a worthy watch exception to the artificial climax where the director unnecessarily planted a tragedy. Not many movies with having a subject as a sport has been seen in Tamil Cinema. The director has utilized the script in a proper way and mixed it with the native feel of village and given us a worthy product.

Naan Kadavul, 4th product from the macho man, Bala. Easily the best movie released in this year, though failed in the box office, it just swept every critics. This is also probably most anticipated movie this year, last year and the previous year as well as it was made for nearly 3 years because of various issues. I wish this movie and the cast and crew gets reasonable accolades for the fantafabulous performances.

Yaavarum Nalam, a long time no see from the actor Madhavan and a long time no see from the Horror genre to Tamil Cinema. Directed by Vikram Kumar, this horror flick tasted success in both forms. The film dominated the box office as well as it was acclaimed critically. This movie also differentiated itself from the usual in-the-name-of horror flicks where we saw gory horrifying blood shed faces in the name of ghost. Yaavarum Nalam is certainly one of the better products this year.

Delayed 'Kanchivaram' from Priya Darshan, story about a weaver during the freedom struggle. The movie has already fetched a National Award for Prakashraj for his fantastic performance. The movie which was censored years back finally hit the screens of Tamil Nadu this year.

Pasanga, from the school of Sasikumar, the director's assistant Pandiraj proved a different class. With just pasanga as the cast, he just molded the movie perfectly to win the satisfaction amongst the audience. Sasikumar should be given a special mention for producing as well as encouraging such aspiring talents.

Eeram, from the production house of S Pictures, comes another talent in the name of Arivazhagan. Yet another horror genre though it had loop holes, it was still made very well. The concept for the product, Water, was efficiently used by the director with incorporating nuances and symbolism.

Unnai Pol Oruvan, the brilliant remake of 'A Wednesday'. Hardly have we seen a movie which runs for just 2 hours and it's very hard to see a movie without any songs in the current era. But the master who has done Ph.D was brave enough to give a fantastic remake also bringing in the ace actor Mohan Lal. UPO was certainly a standard movie that could possible be an inspiring movie for aspiring movie makers.

Peraanmai, the diwali cracker, has managed to blossom very well dealing with a patriotic script. SP Jananathan, yet again proved to be a class director with casting Jayam Ravi in an unusual role from his stereotyped character.

Hollywood Rulers

Titanic and Jurassic Park wave has just arrived in the form of 2012 and Avatar. Quite surprisingly these movies shattered all other regional movies not just in Tamil Cinema, but it just swept other movies to the corner in all the regions it got released in their regional dubbed version earning gross quite more than the big star movies.

So, let's hope the next year to be a better year than 2009 and we also have a few most anticipated movies eagerly waiting to hit the silver screens in the year 2010.

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