Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kutty Film Review

The team Yaaradi Nee Mohini is back with the remake of another blockbuster movie 'Aarya'. I haven't seen Aarya, even if I had, I would have still watched the movie. I was wrong with my assumption and wish before watching the movie as I expected the movie bomb purely on a thought wishing Dhanush to stay away from remakes and masala entertainers and concentrate on feel good quality movies from different directors whom he had worked in the past. Anyway, even this time, the team managed to give a decent family entertainer with of course a few horrible exceptions.

Triangle love forms the basic plot of the story with Dhanush, Shriya and Sameer. Dhanush was portrayed a feel good lovable boy by almost all the characters in the movie except the villains. How Dhanush makes Shriya to feel his love is all about Kutty. The movie had almost all ingredients to make the family audience thoroughly enjoy the movie, though I personally feel the movie is just another run of the mill but definitely a good entertainer.

It was Dhanush all the way, who has carried the pace of the movie. His humor is good in parts but the dialogue delivery especially when he is attempting comedy is something getting stereotype right from Thiruda Thirudi to Thiruvilayadal Aarambam to YNM to Padikaadhavan and Kutty. One example of such dialogue delivery that I could remember was 'unga love sollitu avangalum love panna sonna adhu peru business, that's not love' and likewise 'Uyira koduppean sonna ennoda uyira illa...' Ah enough of such dialogue delivery man!

Shriya, what else can we expect in Tamil Cinema from a heroine? She was silent almost whole first half and she just started to smile in the second half and immediately that's interrupted. We didn't even have a glam song from her and it was a sheer disappointment for her fans. Hopes went high when we saw Meghna Naidu but she too disappointed with a single costume for the entire song.

It's so inevitable for the younger generation comedians to stop imitating the Legend Goundamani. The so-called comedians, especially Srikanth very badly attempted to imitate Goundamani and it was good just in parts. Dhanush also contributed a lot in this area but as I said, the dialogue delivery for message oriented comedies was seriously annoying.

We have yet another boiler in the name of songs. I seriously wanted to kill the person who invented this template of having songs at irrelevant places. The second half was just flooded with songs. It was adding more pain to the dragging second half. Background score was good.

These negatives doesn't harm the movie's pace but still the director could have concentrated more on the second half calculating the number of songs as well as the elongated climax which really tested the audience when will the movie get over.

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