Saturday, January 2, 2010

3 Idiots review

I just dont want to make a comment over the movies which had released just a while back.But Aamir khan’s film that has created a buzz in industry- 3 Idiots. I don’t have the faintest idea of how 5-point someone is and after knowing the film is loosely based on this novel, I didn’t show any interest to grab the book from stores as WYRIWYDG (What You Read Is What You Don’t Get) because of the displeasure that Harry Potter series had left in me. This marks Aamir’s return to big screen after the Mega Mega Blockbuster GHAJINI (the film that didn’t deserve so much of hype), Rajkumar Hirani’s product after critically acclaimed Lage Raho Munna Bhai. It couldn’t get bigger, right? So does this film live up to its expectations? Or is it another Ghajini kinda stuff?

Life is not about getting marks but chasing your dreams. Two friends Farhan (Madhavan) andRaju (Sharman)sets off a journey to find their lost friend Rancho (Aamir) As the journey kicks off, we are shown their college memories, how Rancho stimulated them and brought a change in their lives through a series of flashbacks. The film brings out hard hitting reality of your educational system; rot learning has become a part of students’ life. The characters are real and each one of us can relate to in some part of your life. The screenplay is gripping that you don’t need to look into your watch repeatedly.

3 Idiots is not Aamir’s one man show. It belongs to everyone. Each and every character slips into their role. Aamir is showing flexibility for his every film. A revolutionary youngster, loving teacher, a killer on the run now dons a comic college goer. Though he looks too old to be called as a college-goer at some places, he makes us to dump it into abyss with his rib-tickling performance. Aamir is full of energy.Madhavan as the guy who's chasing his dad's dreams rather than his own is great. Sharman is another surprise who does his role with ease. But the show-stealer is Boman Irani, who was outstanding in his autocratic Principal. His mannerisms and dialogue delivery are exceptional that I could relate him with our Principal. Kareena has nothing much to do but she does her job neatly for given space.

The photography deserves a special mention for transporting us toLadakh and Shimla. The aerial shots are a pleasant treat for our eyes. The first half is fast-packed and hilarious and at the interval there is a twist that leaves you stunned and keeps you hooked to the movie. The film lags its pace in the latter half of the second half with some of the scenes were dragged. Mona Singh Delivery Scene was not at all funny. Songs, on hearing were ordinary but they were good on screen. (But few are annoying and unwanted) The climax is a surprise package and credits to the director for sketching it.

Hirani and Joshi’s screenplay is engaging and enlightening. Overall the movie does give you a fantastic feeling, make you forget all your problems, laugh-out-loud and get-little-emotions for three hours. It is neither a daringly different film-making nor an award winning stuff. It has feel-good factor and a perfect holiday present.

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