Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Waiting Alone

None beside me had to wait
Everyone was passing by
I loved the very state
It was raining from the sky

It was cold and a sweet scent
I sat down beyond a lonely tree
The pitter patters that rain sent
I heard, none cared to see

Everyone Running Somewhere
I suddenly smiled for nothing
They liked the way I stare
And Robins began to sing

Nobody, just me, just this rain
And it reminded something deep
As clouds gathered, a cruel pain
I looked away, I was to weep

And questions again fogging my brain
With passers by now almost gone
I have this strange feeling again
I can’t take it, not when I’m alone.

Rain was hiding my tears,
I was crying, like every day,
Sad, As rain so appears,
And my pain gets in the way

I felt many a rain drop
My heart started to pound
I felt like it’s going to stop
Rain, Oh! How sad does it sound?

I lay down, with everyone gone,
Wishes I do have some
I wait yet alone,
Knowing She will not come.

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