Saturday, November 28, 2009

kandein kadhalai review

They have met again! The ‘Jab We Met’ remake is in town and love is in the air. Will the magic work? After the critically acclaimed Poo, Moser Baer ventures into commercial cinema successfully with Kanden . With a story that has already proved its worth up north and a universally accepted emotion as its basic theme; the odds are definitely in favor of Kanden kadhalai.

The team behind the remake is relatively young but highly promising. Kannan is trying to follow up his impressive debut (Jeyamkondaan) with a hit, Bharath is returning to the lover boy role after a few commercial trysts and Tamanna gets a gem of an opportunity to prove her worth as an actress who can carry off all kinds of emotions. Put all this together and we get ‘Kanden kadhalai’, a youthful romantic drama which takes a fresh perspective on love and relationships.

Shakthi (Bharath) is down in the dumps! The big business establishment that his father has built is falling apart, the board of directors is going insane with arguments and to top it all there are allegations that his mother is having an affair with the company’s auditor. Not able to take any more of the misery he walks out of the board meeting. The day after he goes missing, everyone wonders where he is gone. In fact, even he has no idea of where he wants to go.

He just wants to escape from everything, even from himself. Without a ticket in hand or a destination in mind he boards a train. Aboard he comes across Anjali (Tamanna) who is poles opposite to him in character. She just can’t stop talking, most of which is about herself. As we discover later, the person she loves most in the world is herself. In a weird twist of events, brought about by Shakthi’s pointless sauntering and Anjali’s insuppressible energy, they find themselves together, stranded in the middle of nowhere with no means of transport for the night. They get to know each other over the period that they are together. Travelling across Tamil Nadu to get to Anjali’s home, Shakthi starts feeling lighter and better. He starts learning a lot about taking it easy. Meanwhile Anjali has plans of her own, love is on her mind. But the man is not Shakthi. However she wants Shakthi’s help to reach her lover. She runs away from home and Shakthi goes back to resurrect his business. Everyone believes that they are together, somewhere. It takes some time for Shakthi to realize that everyone believes in something that is not exactly true. So, he sets out to prove that Anjali has actually found love and life with another person. Does he find her? What is she doing? This time the tables turn. Anjali is somber and Shakthi can’t stop talking. Does love happen?

At the outset, it is important to understand that this film is not only about love or romance. It also shows at places about how life and all its ups and downs have to be dealt with. The story defends love and lovers under all circumstance. Some people might find certain thoughts a bit difficult to agree with, but that doesn’t hinder the film much. The chemistry of the lead pair which is the moving force of the film has worked well. Both Tamanna and Bharath look fresh and different in their roles. Bharath is neat and sophisticated in his role. Tamanna looks good especially in the half saree. As for her performance, she is really good while bringing out different facets of the character. It is a commendable effort. She has proved her ability to pull off a wide range of roles. The high point of the movie is Santhanam’s whacky comic act. Appearing as the bridegroom chosen by Anjali, his dialogues infuse life into the movie. The audience loves him, except when he goes into double entendre mode. This could have been avoided as it spoils the clean family entertainer status that the movie could have had. The major drawback of Kanden kadhalai is its lack of continuity at places. There are also places where the events seem a bit artificial. The music, which is an important part of any romantic flick, has not worked too well. Only ‘Suttudhu Suttudhu’ makes an impression. Other songs don’t stick to your mind; their placement too is not apt. Camerawork is colorful and well suited to the mood of the film.
Kanden kadhalai is a film for the youth. People with romance in their hearts are bound to enjoy the theme and the subtle hints that the movie gives about love. It seems to be giving out the idea that failing in love or work once does not mean that the world has ended, there is always tomorrow. However, a few glitches in continuity take a toll on the film. Kannan has made a not too bad follow up to Jeyamkondaan. But with his proven credentials and a young cast, the remake of a Hindi superhit should ideally yield better results. Nevertheless, Kanden kadhalai is quite an enjoyable fare for those who love romantic flicks.

Verdict: Youth and love special

Rating : 2.5 / 5

Friday, November 27, 2009

YOGI Review

A Truly Moving Picture "…explores the human journey by artistically expressing hope and respect for the positive values of life." Heartland gave that award to this film.
Tsotsi is a leader of an informal black criminal gang in South Africa. They are simply awful and inhuman and cruel and uncaring. We may understand why they act this way as we see the segregated black slums they live in, and, through flashbacks, their orphan-like upbringing, but you can't bring yourself to forgive them for what they have become. They are some of the worst thugs of the earth.
And then, a tipping point moment comes to the leader Tsotsi. As he commits a car theft from a wealthy neighborhood, he unknowingly kidnaps a baby. He can't bring himself to let the baby die.
Tsotsi clumsily attends to the baby in his small, tin can slum house. He becomes a hybrid human; that is, half good and half evil.
The drama of the film is the tension of not knowing how he will turn out. And he surely can go either way. His gang of friends are a noticeable contrast to where Tsotsi's head and morality is. They are pure evil.
The movie is sub-titled but there is not much dialog among these uneducated almost simpleminded underclass of young men. The powerful impact on the screen is created by the sordid environment and the realism in the facial expressions of the gang. The film is also driven cleverly by the African hip-hop like music.
The film looks at the question whether the worst of our humans on earth can change and tip back into being civilized.

if AMEER directed this Movie with Paruthiveeran KARTHI, this would have turned as a MILESTONE in Karthi's and AMEER's Career...
Karthi's acting skills and Ameer's directional skills would have shaped so well, that this movie could have breaked the previous record of paruthiveeran..
jus my opinion...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cat 2009 begins

Cat 2009 begins in a new version. The CAT 2009 test has been marred with technical glitches because of which many test takers have been unable to appear for the test and may not be able to do so at a later date. Many are unsatisfied with the test process because they feel that technical glitches in the middle of the test have had a bad effect on their test performance.

Many feel that because of the glitches, some test takers have an unfair advantage in the test. Due to software flaws, some test takers gained additional time after their test restarted mid way because of a glitch but did so with the clock set to zero instead of resuming from where it had stopped. Others were able to solve certain problems on the scratch pad while they waited for their test to be restarted after a glitch had occurred. The staff at many test centers was incompetent and not well trained and did not provide proper and adequate instructions to the test takers.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Arranged or love marriage ??

Arranged Marriage is better than love marraige. I wonder why people think that arranged marraige will always be against their wishes and they will not be consulted at all. The very meaning of arranged marraige is that it has been planned after giving much thought about the pros and cons of the possible relationship.
As a member of family, we should take into confidence our parents and relative before taking such a big decision because it smoothens the path of acceptance to the new member in the family. Human are a social being and they always like to be there where they are cared and loved. An arranged marraige doesnot mean that no love exist between the boy and the girl. It is just that the decision to marry has not been taken without consulting guardian. Arranged marraige brings cohesion in the family and provides better environment for the growth of children also.I do support Arrange marriage bcoz i hav seen a lot of broken relationship in Love marriage cases.

It is but obvious that i can't marry the one whom i don't know and in today's scenario it is very difficult to trust anyone i dont say that the one whom i'll choose is the best but atleast i'll have the benefit of knowing him for long which would help me understand him very well . It doesn't mean that i m against love marriage if in my phase of life i dont come across any person whom i don't love.i would definitely leave it up for my parents to decide the guy for me which i very well know will be the best choice .

Sunday, November 22, 2009

How much do I love You

How much do I love You, shall eyes confess
And then to brain through able nerves convey
Shaping thoughts in mind then to heart profess
Which beats with this in time, till life's away

I know not when this magic within worked
And how it loosened hold on my judgment
As if hexed, my ears tuned to tones unheard
Awaiting your breaths in each night's accent

My fingers are the slaves of Your lustre
Which holds the pen like a feather inept
This ink and paper loaned from its Master
The poem the treasure found when feathers swept

Now each part of myself speaks about you
Oft 'tween them but with me they speak so few

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lonesome :(

I’m Lonesome without you…
So lonesome so grey
Without you…

Like a tree…
Withering in autumns…
Like a sky
Without a moon

Am so lonesome
That I would die
Without you…
So lonesome so grey
Without you…

So take me to my end…
Hold my brain
Scratch the memories
And then
Bleed me to death…

Coz I’m so lonesome
So lonesome without you
That I would not live
So take my breath
Take my heart
Pierce it once more

Let the sky fall
Let the earth fall apart
Let the demons torch my soul
Let it be, let it be

But take me to my end
Because am so lonesome
So lonesome without you
That this question of life after
Matters no more to me
I am lost like a tiny bubble
In the hot humid weary life
So do not guard my wit anymore
Just guide me to grave


I’m Lonesome without you…
So lonesome so grey
Without you…
That I would love to die
If I am not to live with you


The song goes on
As mind draws no conclusions
But gets into more confusions
Unlike of Shakespeare’s
That would turn into greatness

There is no trace of sanity
And not be found any rhyme
In a poet’s verses ever again
As the bleakness takes him
From head to the bottom of soul

The song will end someday
But trees will never see the brightness
Of green leaves, as the essence
That brings life has embraced death
The death onto and into itself

So the autumns will persist
For days, years and ages to come
Like a never ending maze
It will shine with black light
With tinge of pain and remorse

Indented Adieu

Friday, November 20, 2009

Freedom ??

They, who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty nor security. Only some time back this thought came to my mind that we often talk about freedom without realizing what actually total and true freedom is. When we are not able to do the things we want , we feel that our freedom is restricted. When we are able to do what we want to do, then we feel we are free. But, I , now , feel that Freedom is when you are able to do what you like and also dislike. When you do only the things that you like, you are free only superficially. You only think that you are free. You are actually ruled by your heart or mind.

Sometimes it’s your heart that wants you do a certain thing and sometimes it’s your mind. So how can you say that you are free when your mind or your heart is ruling your action / thinking and soul?? Total and true freedom is when you have no restrictions , not from your mind , not from your heart , not from any other person… whatever comes your way , if you are able to swim along the tides coming your way easily, then you are truly free. It is only then when there is no restriction from any direction, that you have attained total freedom. Freedom is not merely the opportunity to do as one pleases; neither is it merely the opportunity to choose between set alternatives. Freedom is, first of all, the chance to formulate the available choices, to argue over them -- and then, the opportunity to choose.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


As spirits roam the neighborhoods at night,
Let loose upon the Earth till it be light
i believe in the saying that both good and evil forces exist in this i do believe that ghost exists in this world..those souls which have an endless desire,which they are unable to perform before their death,would stay in as the evil force....Nothing on Earth so beautiful as the final haul on Halloween night.
Actually the word ghost in reffers to ''spirit'' or ''soul''..though some of the ghost phenomena have been proven fraud and some of them remain unanswered,.actually the reality of ghost is a controversial subject...there is very small line that seperates the believer from the skeptics....i have heard of so many stories from ma frends describing abt ghosts...mostly it is said that it can be realised through mirror and it is said that they never harm any of the creatures...i am not able to come to a proper conclusion with these it is left to you readers,whether it exist in reality or not??

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lord of my dreams

God of my life
Lord of my dreams
My world encompassed by your presence seems.
My life is your gift , a caretaker I am
I am your student, this life an exam.

This grand ocean, what does it say?
My lord is he, to him I pray.
This sun of million glorious lights,
Was made by you, o lord so bright.

You are the light, you are the height
Of the tallest mount which comes to sight.
My strongest urge to see you fails,
‘cause the spirit has might but the body frails.

The innocence of that feeble child
The love of mother oh! So mild
The care of the father with which he gives
The loaf of bread on which they live.

Are symbols of your love divine
And which you pour out like a wine.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


On pearly mats, he walks the groping shore
Head lights don’t scream, yet it’s quiet before.
The hundred streams froth with malice,
Surging, seeping into one sea of filth
All the water from the sky is black
Posts lining lost streets; spiders and golden wasps.
In the gathering light, the city breathes again.

Both he and I get to work, hawk and hate;
Even now it rains, so much for rain.
Puddles fly at him from under the wheels.
Sometimes, the glass rolls down
A fumbling hand drops a note, a coin.
He mouths blessings, rubs clean the panes.
Sometimes, there’s a baby in his arms
He bites his lip, pinching it; now another coin.

Dust and its heat, the shadow in the light;
All his life ensnared, in webbed fingers.
But, for a word, a jeer he spat in mirth,
I drove away; the khaki heckled him and cursed.
A distinct whoopee pierced the sky,
I fled, darting ahead of his angry swipe.
Sea salt swirled; pricking my eyes,
Too early in the day for tears, so say
Motors whirring again; steel blurs in the rain.


Wish there was a person, whom we can fully trust,
Never leave with tears coming with thrust.

Wish there was a poem which can express what I feel,
You left me in a condition which no medicine can heal.

Wish she kept her promise to be with me forever
She was so adamant to leave me; nothing could bring her back ever.

Wish there was a word which could tell her how much I love her,
But she just regarded me as another err..

Wish she could feel my pain,
But every attempt to get her back goes in vain.

Wish there was a magic ball for real,
I could see the future and avoid this ordeal.

If a knew that the hugs were transient, I would never free her from my arms….

Friday, November 13, 2009

Is this Christmas??

Is this Christmas – the season of peace and joy?
A manger most palatial readies,
While a slaughter house readies for cows and lamb.

Is this Christmas – the season of warmth and comfort?
Tall tree glitters next to your hearth,
While we bunker under a tree around mountains distant.

Is this Christmas - the season of love and mercy?
Cards and mails of heart-rending ideals do the round,
While we barely breathe and make ends meet.

Is this Christmas - the season of giving and thanksgiving?
Your worn out socks stick out glittering gifts,
While of ours stick out cold working feet and hands.

Isn’t it Christmas - a season for you and me?
You’re sharing all you’ve got,
While we’re looking at what’ve found.

Yes, this is Christmas – a season for all.
Everyone has something to thank for,
While the earth rejoice in lofty ideals of the season.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Best life??

When do we consider life is going on best? Does it have any relevance when we are born??Else let me put it up in this manner say until we achieve our goals? I just believe the answer is when we realize our latent, reason and fervor. These three things may not come at once. When we as a person feel that we are here for a certain reason, a certain mission that has to be achieved. Even though we may not fully clasp what the reason may be, Just the main idea that our being here is necessary is sufficient enough.

When we find out the most passionate thing for us, it becomes the driving force for us and makes us feel life as an interesting one. When I say it serves a sign for things to come. I mean our passion follows us wherever we go. It just unfurl up throughout our lives beyond our opinion. Passions, I believe are unstoppable once exposed.

The most imperative thing is that knowing we have limitless budding. When we feel our potential which may be in various areas, we in turn can realize how powerful we can become. Potential and power go hand in hand. We must consider ourselves as superior and we must possess some sort of potential in order to feel that we are powerful than others. We consider ABDUL KALAM sir as the most influential person among the young children. Since he has the capacity of bringing in the best thoughts in them.

To begin to live your best life that leads to happiness and understanding one must understand their potential, purpose and passion. And these factors are three out of many and understanding that will lead you one step closer to living your best life.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Vettaikaran Review

This is a typical Vijay film. This film has all the commercial ingredients which you expect from a Vijay movie.

The first half of the film is quite entertaining with nice comedy scenes and the scenes involving Vijay-Anushka were quite good laced with humor. The fight sequence in the first half was really nice and the fans of Ilayathalapathy will definitely enjoy it to the core.

The second half starts quite well and until the Puli Urumudhu song, the movie is really good. After that , the movie travels with a normal pace and thrill until the En Unchi Mandaila song. But the portion after the last folk song could've been better. It will be better if Sun pictures trims the final segment of the film.

Talking about the star cast, Vijay has once again proved that he is capable of carrying the entire burden of the film on his shoulders single handedly. He is the heart and soul of the film.

Anushkha provides ample glamour in songs and she also shares a good screen presence with Vijay in the first half. However, in the second, she just appears here and there before songs.

The other casts too have done justice to their role. Vijay antony's foot tapping songs and a decent BGM are another big asserts to the film

Overall, the movie is above average and with the backing of Sun pictures, one can definitely expect a Super hit status @ Box office.

My Rating : 2.85/5

If the finishing segment is trimmed , then the rating will be 3/5.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Avatar Review

First things first, the movie is just out-of-the-world, both literally and logically. The story happens in a distant planet named Pandora. The Earthlings have found a very rare mineral called Unobtainium in the distant planet and plan to cash in on it. The only problem is the Navi tribe, the native people of the planet who live in harmony with Mother Nature. So, the plan is simple. Create a Navi clone which is controlled by the Hero Jake Sully, make it infiltrate into the Navi' tribe and get them to relocate, leaving all the precious minerals to the Humans. If only life was so simple as we plan it to be. As soon as Jake enters the tribe he meets Neytiri , the princess of the tribe and falls in love with her and the natives' lifestyle. Neytiri teaches the Navi' culture and Jake finds his loyalties changing. After that, its all about pursuing your heart's decisions and doing the right things to save what you care for.

The story is quite generic but don't let it hold you from watching it. You can't expect an art-house cinema in this kind of fantasy setting. Cameroon's latest master piece is like a magic show. It doesn't matter whether you pull a rabbit or a carrot out of the hat, but its how you showcase it is more important and in this case Cameroon has done that like a seasoned pro. He has notched up the bar so high, its gonna take years to level up the playing field again. Avatar is one of those movies where you know right from the start that its a classic-fantasy as in the realms of "The Lord of the Rings". You will be over-whelmed by the sheer scale of visual imagery that you forget that there need to be a story line or that the characters on screen are computer generated models .

Do yourself a favor, grab a couple of tickets, watch it in 3D and show your eyes what it was really meant for, You wouldn't regret it. Every time when I fall asleep, I wish I would be transported to the Pandora as our Jake Sully does. Who knows one day it could turn real!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


After hectic negotiations, finally a breakthrough at the climate talks.

The United States and the BASIC bloc of nations, which include India and China, have agreed on the Copenhagen -- a two-page political declaration with further actions and negotiations scheduled for 2010.

The deal does not commit any nation to emissions cuts beyond a general acknowledgment that global temperatures should be held along the lines agreed to by leading nations in July. There are no overall emissions targets for rich countries.

Countries will be required to list actions taken to cut global warming pollution by specific amounts. The method has been agreed upon for verifying reductions.

Developed nations already covered by the 1997 Kyoto Protocol (the U.S. is not included) would have their emissions cuts monitored and would face possible sanctions if they fail to meet them.

The deal also addresses the issue of funding. Wealthy nations will raise $100 billion a year by 2020 to help poorer nations cope with the effects of climate change, such as droughts and floods. This is contingent on a broader agreement, including some kind of oversight to verify China's emissions of greenhouse gases.

It also mentions short-term funding of roughly $30 billion over three years beginning in 2010 to help developing countries adapt to climate change and shift to clean energy.

"Meaningful" deal

US President Barack Obama said, for the first time in history, all major economies have come to take action against climate change. He said the US has reached a "meaningful" deal to curb greenhouse gas emissions with four emerging economies, including India, but warned it was not enough to battle climate change.

"It is going to be very hard, and it's going to take some time (to achieve a legally binding deal)," he said at the conclusion of the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit.

In particular, as per the Copenhagen Accord, the Kyoto protocol remains and so do the twin-track negotiations. There are no binding cuts for India and the language on monitoring also seems acceptable. Reacting to the breakthrough at Copenhagen, Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh termed it as a good deal for India.

EU leaders called this a very good first step towards saving the world from climate change.

Agreement with smaller group

The agreement between the US and BASIC countries was achieved after Obama held talks with leaders of the four countries, including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Talks were also held with European leaders, including British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Smaller nations like Cuba, Bolivia and Venezuela refused to accept the deal, calling the process undemocratic and insulting to them. They questioned how a small group of countries can decide for world.

The protest by these nations is a worrying development, particularly because the UN works by consensus and if enough countries protest and try to block the Accord, then the deal is not allowed to go through.

Down to the wire

The world summit on climate change went down to the wire on Friday night with negotiators guided by heads of government making vigorous attempts to come out with a deal on fighting the challenge of global warming.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in his speech said "Copenhagen may fall short of expectations" as US President Obama made it clear that verification and monitoring has to be part of an overall world deal.

Manmohan Singh stressed that developed countries cannot abandon the Kyoto Protocol under which developed countries are legally-bound to cut their emissions. That agreement expires in 2012. "Each one of us gathered here today acknowledges that those most affected by climate change are the least responsible for it," Singh said.

He added that India will deliver its voluntary target of reducing carbon intensity by 20 per cent by 2020. This refers to the measure of emissions per unit of economic activity. "We have a difficult task ahead of us. I hope we will play a positive and constructive role so that we bridge our differences and come out with a balanced and an equitable outcome in the coming years. India will not be found wanting in this," he said.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

60 Interesting facts abt Rajinikanth

• Superstar Rajinikanth alias the original Shivaji Rao Gaekwada is such a prankster in his early teenhood. completely contrast to the present poised man he is, Rajini always got into trouble and had indulged in galore of mischief.

• The much popular style of tossing the cigarette up in the air to catch it with his lip started as early before he reached his eighteen. Betting his senior friends that he is capable of joining their gang, Shivaji first performed the trick in the bushes at school.

• He has a way with his friends and just like his on screen demeanor, there was a group of followers mesmerized with the style that made him their leader in school.

• Rajinikanth was such a spoilt brat that his brother dropped him from school temporarily so that he could learn some lesson. He was enrolled in a yoga hall with the famous Babaji and that is where his strong liking for the saint began at the age of 16.

• When he had a freak accident at that age, a deep wound developed in his body and later it became his mark for all identifications which Rajini used to flaunt to his friends earlier.

• The story of ‘Kuselan’ was based on one such friend named Bahadur during his days in Bangalore and it was also the same man who sent him to study acting in Pune.

• After much deliberation Rajinikanth’s elder brother managed to get him a job in the government as a bus conductor and apart from acting it is one of his favorite jobs which he loved doing every minute interacting with people.

• During his school days, Rajini had a strong liking for acting and had performed various roles in the stage plays. Playing the role of villains like Ravana was his favorite and he did it so well in his own style that the audience clapped for minutes together after his performance.

• His elder brother always sacrificed a lot that made him the superstar he is now. In his childhood, their family was so ridden in poverty that their food was not at all enough. He used to share his meal for Rajini so that he had his fill for the day.

• Rajini have a peculiar habit of remembering names even if it is years before they met and also is very good at keeping the faces in mind. It serves him the best outputs even now as keeping people in mind is an important aspect in the film industry.

• Education wise the star didn’t had a strong background as he was more interested towards art and creative things. So, his brother at first tried to get him a degree but later let him go in his own path that determined the strong future.

• Rajinikanth is synonymous with simplicity and just like in the movies he loved to sleep inside or on the top of the bus in the natural setting without comfort of the bed.

• His close friend Bahadur is the first guy who rekindled his interest in art during the conductor profession and also helped him go to Pune for studying in the film institute.

• Even though, he has not seen his parents, superstar always had a strong liking for his mom and used to pester his elder brother to tell about their past life accompanied with vivid description of his mother.

• Coming from such a poverty filled home, he knows the value of food and money which helped him to be stable even after attaining global recognition.

• In this period, Rajini had lost signs of his early days but he was such a short tempered man in the past due to which he got stuck into many controversies.

• It was only after he became a superstar, the color black considered as inferior in our state became prestigious and youngsters started feeling more confident quoting him as a role model.

• Without any money to even board the bus to attend the interview in Pune, his friend and bus driver sold his wife’s jewels to pay the expenses and also to pay the fees. Rajini had never forgot that selfless attitude towards his well being.

• Without any hope or idea about his future career, he landed and the inferior complexity of being black was a major shortcoming when he attended the interview but it was the style that changed the day.

• During his education at film institute, Rajini was the poorest boy of all who couldn’t afford to even have few sets of clothes. He used to wash the same and sometimes even wear it wet to college that students mocked at times.

• After several years, it was the movie ‘Sivaji’ that gained nationwide accolade and sold for whopping crores that flabbergasted the distributors seeing Rajini’s star power.
• Smoking was the most harmful habit that he had even after finding peace with Babaji and Himalayas. Only a few years back during ‘Chandramukhi’, he stopped it due to serious conditions and continues to stick to his decision.

• Rajini loves being the centre of attraction and wonders often how the media used to publicize him for sales. In his middle age in cinema, he was so harsh in his tone that warranted several controversies.

• Superstar met his wife Latha when a group of young college girls came to interview him and she was leading the team. He was immediately attracted and their marriage was made possible with help of YG Mahendran.

• A peculiar attitude of Rajini is he doesn’t want even his family members to intervene in his decisions or plans. Basking in solitude is his forte but he had never failed to look after the family with due concern.

• In his poyes garden house, he has reserved a special place as advised by vastu experts for poojas and meditation. Considered as restricted zone for others, Rajini meditates and prays in the room.
• The preaching songs included in his every movie were not intentional and it was made on demand when many personalities felt Rajini has a way with youngsters which pushed him to the stereotype songs.

• Similar to his punch dialogue in Padyappa, Rajini has his own ways of treating and seeing things to which he sticks. No one is supposed to advice him unless he voluntarily seeks their help.

• After every movie, he maintains a habit of taking a break out of Chennai and usually before the Himalayas, Bangalore is his favorite spot to hang out with his old buddies.

• While studying in college, Rajini had no source of income except for the one he gets from his brother and friends. So, he spent many a nights without a morsel of food on the roadside areas.

• A friend who works at the famous Tata Udipi hotel became close to Rajini and it was with his help that a group of young buddies used to steal food at night to satiate their hunger.

• Many of his close friends still wonder, what kind of person Sivaji Rao alias Rajinikanth is. He is such a mystery even to his close ones and always acts in unexpected ways.

• Most of the time, Rajini doesn’t stay in his house at Boyes Garden and always likes to spend time amidst nature in his farm house.

• During his stay in the outskirts of the city at guest houses, just like any common man Rajini would get into the fields and plant seeds after cultivating the ground by digging it.

• His regular schedule includes waking up early in the morning around 5, meditating and a compulsory one hour long walking in the evening for physical fitness.

• Rajini is the only star who had visited the most sacred caves of Himalayas were Sadhus live. He had gone deep into the mountains around five times which is considered impossible by many even now.

• Apart from seeking spiritual peace, Rajini likes to roam around without identity and he wants to be nobody as he used to be decades before.

• In Chennai and Bangalore, Rajini often roams around in disguise which is hard to find and he mingles with the local crowd to know what people opine about him in general.

• Rajini had acted in some six Hindi films during the early stages of his career and even shared screen space with Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra.

• Superstar can speak four languages including Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Marathi. He is also well versed in many slogas in Sanskrit.

• A simplicity that everyone loves about Rajinikanth is he always stands up to greet everyone who enters the sets for the day’s shoot.

• Punctuality and Rajinikanth is synonymous as he always maintains to be at the venue whether be it a shooting or event minutes before it commences.

• Rajini is a fond of his demised mother Jakkubai and even named his movie with KS Ravikumar earlier.

• He was as young as nine years old when his beloved mother passed away. Since then, he repents her demise in lonliness.

• Superstar’s official tailor had often wondered how he could have the same sizes and no changes at all in his 25 year career.

• It was the trademark of screenplay and similar storyline created for Rajinikanth that has been used and re-used by many heroes in more than 100 movies in the recent past.

• With his own creative mind, Rajini used to introduce new styles in his movies and directors never intervene in his decision.

• When he was still young, he used to pester his brother to tell stories and activities related to his mother Jakkubai.

• The enormous changes in life and the success that he tasted changed Rajini into an ardent devotee. He was an atheist who doesn’t believe in god earlier.

• His favorite food cooked in Bahadur’s home in Mutton Kaima and Rajini devours it always even if it is for a whole week.

• Rajini is a brand name and in the prestigious AVM studios he has a room allocated for him to use while shooting.

• The same kind of room is allotted for him in the hotels he visit and in Rishikesh where he stays during the Himalayan visit.

• The Raghavendra Mandapam in Chennai is built specially for bypassers and those who seek a shelter to stay initiated by Rajini.

• When it comes to treating fans with respect, no can beat the superstar in hospitality.

• So far in his life, it was in the life matters of his daughter that Rajini behaved very poised while he’s short tempered by nature.

• His marriage took place in Thirupathi without much fanfare or the media glare that he willingly rejected.

• Ironically, in the wedding reception he treated the media persons with much care and let them take pictures as they wished.

• Rajini is fond of his old memories and retains the things he used in the past like his car, clothes and other accessories.

• The only person who has the right to scold and put him in right path is his mentor K Balachandar, who can question him anytime.

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