Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lord of my dreams

God of my life
Lord of my dreams
My world encompassed by your presence seems.
My life is your gift , a caretaker I am
I am your student, this life an exam.

This grand ocean, what does it say?
My lord is he, to him I pray.
This sun of million glorious lights,
Was made by you, o lord so bright.

You are the light, you are the height
Of the tallest mount which comes to sight.
My strongest urge to see you fails,
‘cause the spirit has might but the body frails.

The innocence of that feeble child
The love of mother oh! So mild
The care of the father with which he gives
The loaf of bread on which they live.

Are symbols of your love divine
And which you pour out like a wine.

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