Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Best life??

When do we consider life is going on best? Does it have any relevance when we are born??Else let me put it up in this manner say until we achieve our goals? I just believe the answer is when we realize our latent, reason and fervor. These three things may not come at once. When we as a person feel that we are here for a certain reason, a certain mission that has to be achieved. Even though we may not fully clasp what the reason may be, Just the main idea that our being here is necessary is sufficient enough.

When we find out the most passionate thing for us, it becomes the driving force for us and makes us feel life as an interesting one. When I say it serves a sign for things to come. I mean our passion follows us wherever we go. It just unfurl up throughout our lives beyond our opinion. Passions, I believe are unstoppable once exposed.

The most imperative thing is that knowing we have limitless budding. When we feel our potential which may be in various areas, we in turn can realize how powerful we can become. Potential and power go hand in hand. We must consider ourselves as superior and we must possess some sort of potential in order to feel that we are powerful than others. We consider ABDUL KALAM sir as the most influential person among the young children. Since he has the capacity of bringing in the best thoughts in them.

To begin to live your best life that leads to happiness and understanding one must understand their potential, purpose and passion. And these factors are three out of many and understanding that will lead you one step closer to living your best life.

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