Saturday, November 7, 2009

Avatar Review

First things first, the movie is just out-of-the-world, both literally and logically. The story happens in a distant planet named Pandora. The Earthlings have found a very rare mineral called Unobtainium in the distant planet and plan to cash in on it. The only problem is the Navi tribe, the native people of the planet who live in harmony with Mother Nature. So, the plan is simple. Create a Navi clone which is controlled by the Hero Jake Sully, make it infiltrate into the Navi' tribe and get them to relocate, leaving all the precious minerals to the Humans. If only life was so simple as we plan it to be. As soon as Jake enters the tribe he meets Neytiri , the princess of the tribe and falls in love with her and the natives' lifestyle. Neytiri teaches the Navi' culture and Jake finds his loyalties changing. After that, its all about pursuing your heart's decisions and doing the right things to save what you care for.

The story is quite generic but don't let it hold you from watching it. You can't expect an art-house cinema in this kind of fantasy setting. Cameroon's latest master piece is like a magic show. It doesn't matter whether you pull a rabbit or a carrot out of the hat, but its how you showcase it is more important and in this case Cameroon has done that like a seasoned pro. He has notched up the bar so high, its gonna take years to level up the playing field again. Avatar is one of those movies where you know right from the start that its a classic-fantasy as in the realms of "The Lord of the Rings". You will be over-whelmed by the sheer scale of visual imagery that you forget that there need to be a story line or that the characters on screen are computer generated models .

Do yourself a favor, grab a couple of tickets, watch it in 3D and show your eyes what it was really meant for, You wouldn't regret it. Every time when I fall asleep, I wish I would be transported to the Pandora as our Jake Sully does. Who knows one day it could turn real!!

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  1. hahaha dude i missed opportuniy to watch it in 3D :( but stil was an awesum movie.. and damm i wish i was in that planet too.. jst so i could fly on an ikram :D.. or wateva its called :S