Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goa Film Review

In 2007 it was chennai-28, in 2008 it was saroja. 2 blockbuster hits in 2 consecutive years. So the expectations were very high for goa. But when seeing the final product, it doesn't look like the movie was directed by venkat parbhu. Really got head ache when i stepped out the theater due to so many confusions in the so called screen play.

Story Analysis:

There is no story in this movie. It was like watching lollu sabha in big screens. But still as a review writer i need to mention over all outline of the movie.

The story revolves around 3 guys who live in a village and create so many troubles to the people who live in that village. None of the village people respect them, as the result they plan to go out the village to some other town and live there for few days. Initially they choose madurai, but due to some reasons, they end up landing in Goa. As soon as they land goa, they start searching for a foreign lady to fall in love and marry as well as to settle in foreign. Rest of the story is regarding whether they find their lady love, whether they go to foreign after marriage etc.,

Cast & Crew Analysis:

After seeing these guys in chennai 28 and saroja, we feel bore to see them in the same character once again. So i dont like to waste my time in reviewing about them. Pia plays the role of a pub singer, she did well and her costumes really matched her. But the sad part is that, she did t get any scope to act.

Sneha aunty.... sorry its actress sneha :-) i dont know whats wrong with her. She her self knows that skimpy costumes wont suit her in any decade but still she tried to look young by wearing such costumes. I think she can better start doing mother or aunty role in the forth coming movies. Her attitude and acting was so bad in this movie. I don't know how venkat parabhu asked sneha to do this role. It's an improper casting. Sampath acted well in the role(gay) given to him.

Yuvan's background score and songs were below average, don't know whats wrong with yuvan too. I am not sure of the editor's name,, he too didnt concentrate on making the scenes crisp and clear. It was like watching tele serial.

General Analysis:

Too much of anything is good for nothing, this proverb holds true for Goa. Chennai 28 was based on street cricket and audience liked it. Saroja was comic thriller and it was good. But what is Goa all about????? It's very difficult to answer this question. But still I will try to answer to that questions in few words which are shown below

Goa is all about:

Drinking & partying all the time One song for each couple Gay relation ship shown properly in Goa. But still A center audience will understand it and rest of the people who belong to B and C center will laugh at the director Mocking so many scenes and at times, we feel boring when seeing them again and again Guest appearance by prasanna, nayanthara and simbhu which was good but still it didn't create any impact in the movie On the whole Goa was enjoyable in parts, cant see the movie fully inside theater with patience.

Mr venkatprabhu, i feel very sad on you for missing the hat-trick hit. At least in the next movie, try to stop mocking other actors/actress and come up with different type of movie. If you can't stop directing these type of movie, then better you can start directing lollu sabha in vijay tv with the same 5 guys. That will be better i think. Anyways all the best for your next venture.

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 25 days

My Verdict: Below Average

My Ratings:2/5

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tamil Padam Film Review

I am not going to evaluate this movie analysing it's Camera composition, Sound Recording, Editing excellence and the likes. Keep aside the sacred rules of Cinema and hop onto it ... But, I think it is reasonable on my part to expect an engaging screenplay, even though it brands itself a Mockumentary feature. The Only reasonable benchmark against which the movie can be accessed should be, Vijay TV's weekly feature "Lollu Sabha". But, honestly speaking, the movie fared much below-par, the standards of a spoofy mockumentary and presents a much boring endeavor altogether.

If you look at the rolls of Tamil Cinema, if this movie is the curtain-riser of this so-called genre "Mockumentary", the answer would be "Yes". A few of the Satyaraj flicks (like Englishkaaran and Mahanadigan), Venkat Prabhu's cocktails and the most recent "Quickgun Murugan" etc have a pinch of this genre, but not as wholesome as Tamil Padam. The movie's stills and trailor only heightened up our expectations and we were all set for an absolute rib tickler. Being aware of the fact that the movie is going to pick up pieces from various tamil films, the only expectation from my side was, "How will the screenplay be adjusted to fit in all those pieces of a jigsaw puzzle ?". Ahh !! And, the result, I should say, was miserable.

The characters - I understand that the movie is a parody and that the characters are caricatures, but you need not be caricaturously caricaturesque. I don't ask for touchy characters but for logical & hilarious ones. The cast of Manobala, M.S.Bhaskar, Vennira Aadai and Paravai Muniyamma - the oldie-foursome with all their college-dude characterisations and machi-conversations just torture you to the highest possible extent. I was frequently glancing at my watch for the movie to get over and the second half was an extreme prick and I should say, a lot (if not all) of Lollu Sabha episodes were better than this movie. The problem, I think, was with the length. The movie runs for close-to 2:15 hours and you only rush out of the theatres as it has got over.

Complaints apart, the film has it's hilarious moments, Thalapathy-Mammooty and the Mani ratnam style one word conversations, "Ippaadalai Paadikondiruppavar ungal Siva", Mouna Raagam-Karthik, Lady Don Sornam and her rape attempts, becoming a millionaire in half a song, A English song - etc were good. Mirchi Shiva just fits in the role and he is becoming more of a type-cast, these days ... His performance was good anyways. The film parodies various tamil masala regulars like Introduction song, punch dialogues, village panchayats etc but definitely loses out in keeping you engaged, the whole slot. The heroine was a regular face and a more regular role - Nothing great.

The film tries to score on the shock value, by parodying tamil cinema to an all new, non-existent low stature. But, even then, it doesn't seem to work all fine. The film looked more like an unfinished product, with hanging scene sequences and absolutely out-of-nowhere plot incidents. I still feel that the movie would have kicked-off with the script in its infancy and the product, instead of being a polished outcome, was crude and looked like patches pasted together.

I am supremely confident that, with however lighter vein, you are in, you wouldn't be able to avoid those distressed disturbances & uneasiness, at some point or the other, with the movie. Considering the fact that you have the entire 80 year old tamil cinema history at your disposal, the film could have been more interesting. A bit of more homework on the director's part would have resulted in a better-fit pieces on this jigsaw board.

Miserable and Missable.

Friday, January 29, 2010


I am one of the admirers of Mani Ratnam, but that doesn't stop me from looking at his work just like how my Maths teacher used to do my papers. He has to get rid of the goody goody type of movies directed for the English speaking upmarket Tamils. Yuva KM Guru

Agreed the sub plot was different , but his movies have that same romance reintroduced with crisp dialogues and excellent BGM , yet the scene remains the same .Hero proposes the Girl.

We can argue that Tamil Cinema is built on Love ,yet for an established director like Mani , not yet another Love Movie.High time he deviates from the pattern and explores into other genre (Crime fiction,Horror,Sci-Fi,Comedies,you can go on)

Tamil Cinema is more open to bold movies nowadays that Mani need not be afraid of how it would be received.

As news of his next movie tend to ripple in ,I hope Vikram doesn't propose to Aishwarya Rai , then an excellent BGM comes ,which is not in the CD and we scramble to buy that CD "With new songs".

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fall of Superstar

No , This post is not about Rajnikanth. It's about the person who made me buy the Ray-Ban Glasses , not one but two. He's the guy who made Blue Jeans and White T-Shirt a rage. Not Salman He's the guy who made BVLGari watches on my shopping list. He was the World's truly first Global Superstar.

Steven Spielberg.Stanley Kubrick.Robert Zemeckis.Martin Scorcese . All top notch directors.

They all wished to cast him.


How i wish his rise to the stardom would be of a tale to tell, but his line up of movies Valkyrie - Re shoots , Postponed to 2009 Tropic Thunder - Cameo + Robert Downey JR.

aren't that great that u could wait for a blockbuster.

A Visit to the IMDB's boards is enough for us to get convinced of his unpopularity.It's become 'cool' to hate him.As Will Smith and Super-heroes continue to trounce the Box Office,his Ranking and Status as an 'A' List star is at the bottom ever since his career peaked.Things didn't help with his Scientology beliefs and Oprah.

There's a famous Hollywood saying that "Every Script is either touched by Tom Cruise or Meryl streep".

Oh How Time could slap on a Man. But to a certain extent he made himself a part of it .

As he tries to resurrect his career let's have a look at some of his defining Movies

Top Gun
Born on the Fourth of July
The Rain Man
Minority Report
Jerry Maguire
A few Good Men
Mission Impossible
The Color of Money

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To confuse Russians

Is making a good clean fantastic film a rocket science??...

If you say the answer is "Yes" .. then the title above is justified. But the fact is even the rocket science has to be simple. Yes, everything is simple in this world. Simple to the core. When Amercians and russians went to moon, they tried to use pens for writing ... due to the lack of gravitional force over there, the ink didn't flow down to the nib. With all their intellectuals around, americans realised that it is all due to lack of gravitational force. Then sent another group of scientists, to use all their knowledge and experiments to invent a pen where the ink stays at the nib itself.

Even after lots of brainstorming exercises for months, they were unable to find a solution. As always,this imperialistic group poked their noses onto russian camp to see what is the solution they have .... shocked to see that russians used "Pencils" as a solution.

Now, who is confused??? The Americans or the Russians??? ....

Russians were clear because their ideas were simple their thought process was simple and effective. But does that mean russians are idiots??? .. mate.. they gave us(Indians) the cryogenic technology :).

Now, the same applies to the intellectual creators of tamil cinema. You try to be an American and people prefer to be russians .. then you cry my mission failed????. But infact, your mission was successful. Guess what? your mission was just to stamp your authority and confuse the audience. Dont tell me your mission was to take your concept to people across all sectors. If so, then the audience would have accepted with embraced hands. The reason for the BO failure of Heyram or a Kudaikhul Mazhai or an Aalavandhaan was this. The creator tried to complicate things too much:). EVen a complicated/most complicated concept can be taken in a much simpler manner. But what is the reason to say a simple story line like Aalavandhaan with utmost complexity??.

Heyram - Many of us were novice regarding Indian History.Accepted. But is this how you teach a novice??:D. Now.. hey simplicity in my dictionary definitely doesnt mean this "Vikraman" movies "KSR" movies "Shankars formula" movies .... definitely Not... Since Heyram was targetted here,Kamal-the creator himself had something to boast of "Simplicity" -- it is Anbae Sivam. Anbae sivam had everything in it 1.) Communism, 2.) Humanity, 3.) Love, GOD and what not?? I always maintain that Anbae Sivam is a movie with universal solution. Anbae Sivam is very simple concept to understand.

Ok... whatever I had mentioned is from a laymans a film buffs standpoint. Now, I conclude with a question, a perspective of a creator to the audience ..

"Hey Tom, Dick and Harry" .. if Anbae Sivam is simple and had all good things in it including the entertainment factors and super star hero .. why didnt you welcome Anbae Sivam with embranced hands?????

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Veer Film Review

Veer-One of the most Expected movies of 2010 Is Dissapointing . The movie takes us back to the period where british ruled india using the divide and rule policy. The story is all about betrayal , love , and war . The story revolves around mithun chakraborty 's son Veer Who takes revenge on jackie shiroff for betraying the Pindari's by joining with the british . Pindaris are a group of people who lived in madhavgarh . They had to move out because of the occupation of that place by british and jackie shiroff. How they get back madhavgarh from the Britishers Wat happens to The king of Madhavgarh i.e Jackie Shirrof etc etc is the story The first half of the movie is good . Salman and his brother Sohail are sent to london to study in a university . salman falls in love with zerene (Katrina Look alike) . Problems then arises as people there come to know that salman belonged to the pindaris and they to finish him off in London . Salman escapes and comes back to India . then he comes to know that [SPOILER]ZERENE is the daughter of Jackie shiroff. will he sacrifise his love for his people or will he choose the path of love and leave his people behind is told in the second half . The second half of the movie literally tests one's patience. Few of the scenes inspired from troy , gladiator etc . The Stunts are not realistic at places and Salman has not learnt his mistake from his last attempt LOndon Dreams . The same mistake is made here songs coming once for every 20 minutes or so .. Which eventully slows the pace of the movie .

One has to appreciate the director anil sharma for bringing out accurately some of the details . Sadly he hasnt concentrated much on the storyline

THE CLAPS First half , Art director ,
Salman who carries the entire script , Mithun Chakraborty (Salman's Dad)

THE BOOS Second half , Screenplay , Poor Finishing , Songs , Stunts

This movie may be average - below average n single screens /

It wouldnt do great business n the case of multiplexes//

Monday, January 25, 2010

Shambo Shiva Sambho Film review

movie is superb...

but one should hav patience to watch such movie

story is a realistic 1(taking might be the reason too,we feel that it might happened really),..direction is good,...he made us feel for the characters...even though there is tamil flavour we would like it...screenplay is also good...

raviteja is simply superb(particularly in climax scene),.....words r not sufficient to describe allari naresh in this movie,he is awesome..without doubt awards r waiting for him..he makes us laugh n at the same time he makes us feel,...shiva balaji is good,...rao ramesh is also good,..priyamani's character is not necessary...sunil is routine...krishna bhagwan's episodes r funny

First Half Started With Bit Slow

Interval bang Is Perfect

Rating :-4.5 / 5

Second Half With Heavy Sentiment

Overdose For Telugu Audience But It is Needed

Pre Climax Twist Never Expected

In Climax Dialoges By Naresh N Rt Excelled

Perect Movie Which Shown Friendship Values Very Well

Rating :- 4. 5 / 5

Overall Rating :- 4.5 / 5

cinematography is good n sumthin different.....

music is very bad(title song is an exception)...back ground music is good n it helped a lot in elevating the situations, is very bad(for ex:for the first half an hour we find only characters uttering dialogues n the other part remains silent like in RGV'S films...they should hav stuff it with sum music)

fights r realistic n they r effective too

dialogues r superb...wats special in dialogues is without phrases r satires...i mean using normal words they hav created wonders.....many of the audience clapped to the dialogues in climax...

on the whole SSS is worth watching,...first half is good(interval scene is solid)..first half an hour of 2nd half is boring...but the rest of it is good n climax is fantastic...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Namo Venkatesa is good though its repetative

**movie is average

story is a rehashed version of many films,..direction becomes easier for srinu vaitla as he did this kind of movies many times earlier,its good,..screenplay is ok,...climax twist is not handled well..n also sreenu vaitla is concentrating more on comedy section n leaving the rest....he sholud follow trivikram who does the balanced act...

cumin to performances venky did well,he is expert at doin these kind of roles,..trisha is good,..brahmi is also good,..others(vaitla's comedy batch) are okay...

cinematography is good,..europe is well showcased..

music is below average..only title song is good..even good picturisation didn't help the songs

fights r bad...(pre climax fight at airport has good lead scene,...but its handled very badly...its neither serious nor comical)

dialogues r good(mostly humour oriented)

on the whole...NV is a clean entertainer without violence r disturbing content,..its definitely worth a watch,...first half is avg...2nd half is good to max extent....climax is boring...but few comedy episodes r excellent in this movie(jathakam scene,venky-brahmi escape scene in 2nd half,....)**

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sherlock Holmes film review

Sherlock Homes - Made like a Bond.

2009 has been interesting year for Literary Heroes be it comic or Serious. The need for a makeover has increasingly been needy and aptly appreciated.

Sherlock Holmes is no different.

We see Holmes Kick ( Fight Club ) ass and go seriously cool about it. We see Watson not as the usual assuming sidekick but as one who is equal to Holmes.

The Plot is set in the Victorian and is Victorian however it's the treatment and freshness injected makes the film memorable.

It's Robert Downey Jr that makes the movie much more interesting , Boy o Boy with the ride he's having ,Give him Spiderman and he'll convince you right under your eyes.

Holmes - Pure Commercial Paisa Vasool

Friday, January 22, 2010

Up In The Air Review

Guys This is one the best movies I have seen in recent times. Well made movie,all the characters fall in place and Clooney's role is awesome and he has give it his best like always...

The movie is a mix of comedy and reality during the recession times US faced.. Last 15 min of the movie is aint that good as you would want it to be after watching the first 1:30 min of the movie...



Thursday, January 21, 2010

Porkalam film review

Theres nothing much to say about this pongal release. This movie sadly fails in every department except the cinematography department. There are no songs well thats one good news ..Sadly thats the only positive thing apart from the cinematography.

The story is about Kishore rescuing a girl and the problems he faces as a consequence..theres a twist in the first half :P The girl doesnt know to Act . Sathyan s okay ..Some of his comedies are good. The climax sequence is a battlefield where the hero wages a war against the baddies leading to a predictable hero victory



Porkalam - A war Lost for Kishore as far the Box Office is concerned A little more gripping screenplay and story would have made this movie enter into a profitable league sadly it s missed here all the best for ur next venture ..hope u get back to ur pollathavan,vennila kabadi kuzhu days

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nanayam Review

I opted for Nanayam the first pick among pongal releases for two reasons .

I did not get ticket to Aayirathil Oruvan

I had a good feeling about this one .

Reason 2 worked well for me , Yes, Nanayam is a good one .

Nanayam is a racy thriller about a bank robbery , with lots of twists and turns every where in the story . Ofcourse , many of them were easily guessable for me after all these years of movie watching , but still i am happy , since Nanayam is a tamil movie .

Prasanna does the lead of a bank employee who falls in to the trap of Sibi's gang and is forced to join them in robbing his own bank . Being known as the safest bank in the world , their job becomes pretty tough , and the story moves on as suspenses unfold .

Prasanna looks good and has done his work decently . Sibi ! Frankly he was one of the major turn OFFs for me before i went in to the movie , but on this one , he has been OK . Well , he has not greatly portrayed the negative character , coz he was unable to balance the 'style' factor and the 'cruel' factor in the charactor . Ramya Rai is hot and is a decent actor and dancer., SPB is average.

Music , cinematography and editing are all decent , i did not find much instances of flaws or greatness . I do not want to do a lengthy essay of lighting used in a shot or transition techniques.

I understand that the movie is made on a limited budget , but the art direction could have been taken care a bit more . The 'studio' feel is there everywhere in the movie .Thank god , graphics are not overdone .

Every one is talking about which hollywood movie is this copied from , but i am sure its not a rip off of anything . May be there are some connections , but lets forgive that.The story is not too researched or without flaws , but then again , we cannot expect such standards everytime . Sathya has done justice to his script/screenplay . I appreciate a decent story being well directed with not too many fantasies and action .

In short , Nanayam is one movie you are safe to bet . Dont expect a Italian Job or Oceans 11 though

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kutty Film Review

The team Yaaradi Nee Mohini is back with the remake of another blockbuster movie 'Aarya'. I haven't seen Aarya, even if I had, I would have still watched the movie. I was wrong with my assumption and wish before watching the movie as I expected the movie bomb purely on a thought wishing Dhanush to stay away from remakes and masala entertainers and concentrate on feel good quality movies from different directors whom he had worked in the past. Anyway, even this time, the team managed to give a decent family entertainer with of course a few horrible exceptions.

Triangle love forms the basic plot of the story with Dhanush, Shriya and Sameer. Dhanush was portrayed a feel good lovable boy by almost all the characters in the movie except the villains. How Dhanush makes Shriya to feel his love is all about Kutty. The movie had almost all ingredients to make the family audience thoroughly enjoy the movie, though I personally feel the movie is just another run of the mill but definitely a good entertainer.

It was Dhanush all the way, who has carried the pace of the movie. His humor is good in parts but the dialogue delivery especially when he is attempting comedy is something getting stereotype right from Thiruda Thirudi to Thiruvilayadal Aarambam to YNM to Padikaadhavan and Kutty. One example of such dialogue delivery that I could remember was 'unga love sollitu avangalum love panna sonna adhu peru business, that's not love' and likewise 'Uyira koduppean sonna ennoda uyira illa...' Ah enough of such dialogue delivery man!

Shriya, what else can we expect in Tamil Cinema from a heroine? She was silent almost whole first half and she just started to smile in the second half and immediately that's interrupted. We didn't even have a glam song from her and it was a sheer disappointment for her fans. Hopes went high when we saw Meghna Naidu but she too disappointed with a single costume for the entire song.

It's so inevitable for the younger generation comedians to stop imitating the Legend Goundamani. The so-called comedians, especially Srikanth very badly attempted to imitate Goundamani and it was good just in parts. Dhanush also contributed a lot in this area but as I said, the dialogue delivery for message oriented comedies was seriously annoying.

We have yet another boiler in the name of songs. I seriously wanted to kill the person who invented this template of having songs at irrelevant places. The second half was just flooded with songs. It was adding more pain to the dragging second half. Background score was good.

These negatives doesn't harm the movie's pace but still the director could have concentrated more on the second half calculating the number of songs as well as the elongated climax which really tested the audience when will the movie get over.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Year 2009, the year where again wasn't a very prominent year for Tamil Cinema. We have had big surprises in both forms. Most anticipated movies failing to satisfy the audience and we had a few dark horses as well. We also had a few stars to whom year 2009 was in deed a boon and likewise the other side shares a major space too.

So to the statistics, Tamil Cinema had seen approximately 103 movies this year, just marginal difference from the last year where we had close to 117 movies. This time we had around 8 movies officially considered as remakes from other language and of course there are a bunch of unofficial remakes as well. Out of the 8 movies, a special mention should go to 'Unnai Pol Oruvan' which was remade into tamil from the usual remake principle.

Sasikumar, the director turned producer turned actor had two of his products this year and both of them got a great response from the audience as well as the critics. His production venture 'Pasanga' satisfied many and also earned accolades. 'Nadodigal', a tale about friendship, directed by Samuthira Kani also tasted success at the box office with it's racy screenplay and a polite and clean acting by all the cast. It's very clear that this man has rose in a swift and become very popular in a short span.

Tamanna will anticipate every year to be a 2009 when she wakes up every morning. She had 4 movies released this year and out of which 3 were bagged by Sun Pictures and 1 turned out to be a block buster and other 2 were considered as hits. She has also got good list of movies in the pipeline with the next one 'Payya' pairing opposite to Karthi. Hope she continues to do the same in the years to come.

Coming to Music, it was Vijay Antony who’s started with his peppy numbers to attract the listeners. He started with 'A Aa E Ee' and closed the year with another chart buster 'Vettaikaran'. Not to forget Sun Pictures who played a vital role in the field of marketting in media and in radio stations. But still, the music director earns full credit for his foot tapping numbers. Yuvan Shankar Raja also had 5 movies which released this year and turned out to be a good chartbuster. His Sarvam and Kunguma Poovum Konjum Puraavum songs literally occupied the hello tunes.

Now comes the master who literally rules the 2009. Yes, it's Sun Pictures. They were able to turn every movie released this year at least a hit. And they also have the year's biggest block buster 'Ayan'. But, they must also focus on a few quality movies which are desperately trying hard to get released because of various distribution reasons. If they start doing that, they can even promote those movies in the best way than any other distributor.

Official bombers

Every year, every site brings you the most anticipated movies in this year. 2009 is no exception we have had many expected movies from big stars and directors. Well, as usual, unfortunately, most of the movies failed to even just meet the expectation. It all started with the opener of the innings with Vijay's Villu. Coming from the expectation Vijay-Prabhu Deva combo, it was trashed even by the actor's fans. Good night watchmen innings by Vadivelu and glimpse skin show by Nayan were just the condolence factor for the movie.

Sarvam, by Vishnu vardhan, carried the expectation from the block buster 'Billa' failed to even cross 25 days. Again, some good show by the camera man Nirav Shah and pleasant music by Yuvan which had left the movie songs to become a chartbuster and it was Nirav who had a good name with the critics for this fabulous photography especially the night shoot sequences in the movie. It also had Chakkravarthy who added more expectation, but eventually, it was all the script and the screenplay which the audience expects than the stars or the directors.

Cheran's Pokkisham was another bomber which had quite a reasonable expectation. The lengthy biography literally tested the patience of the audience. Repetitive scenes and dialogues added pain to the agony. Thought a few critics appreciated the movie, it’s still a loss for Nemichand Jabak.

Immediately following Pokkisham was 'Kanthasamy'. Perhaps, the most anticipated movie of the year I can call. Critics just ripped the movie to the maximum they can. Once again Kalaipuli Dhanu failed to witness profit with his yet another big budget movies. Susi ganesan, thinks he can become Shankar in his third movie like how Shankar become. This movie had nothing great except for some skin shows and songs.

Aadhavan, KSR-Surya combo is yet another bomber where Surya carried intense expectation from Ayan and also KSR who need no explanation for the anticipation he creates. The hype created for the 10 year role bombed again and KSR must seriously consider the fact that story is again a key element in movie making and he shouldn't depend on Ramesh Kanna. Vadivelu is again a life saver in this movie with his spontaneous comedy has just saved the movie to cross the bridge.

Worthy Numbers

Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu, had all new faces and with the notable Villian Kishore doing a decent role of a coach was really a worthy watch exception to the artificial climax where the director unnecessarily planted a tragedy. Not many movies with having a subject as a sport has been seen in Tamil Cinema. The director has utilized the script in a proper way and mixed it with the native feel of village and given us a worthy product.

Naan Kadavul, 4th product from the macho man, Bala. Easily the best movie released in this year, though failed in the box office, it just swept every critics. This is also probably most anticipated movie this year, last year and the previous year as well as it was made for nearly 3 years because of various issues. I wish this movie and the cast and crew gets reasonable accolades for the fantafabulous performances.

Yaavarum Nalam, a long time no see from the actor Madhavan and a long time no see from the Horror genre to Tamil Cinema. Directed by Vikram Kumar, this horror flick tasted success in both forms. The film dominated the box office as well as it was acclaimed critically. This movie also differentiated itself from the usual in-the-name-of horror flicks where we saw gory horrifying blood shed faces in the name of ghost. Yaavarum Nalam is certainly one of the better products this year.

Delayed 'Kanchivaram' from Priya Darshan, story about a weaver during the freedom struggle. The movie has already fetched a National Award for Prakashraj for his fantastic performance. The movie which was censored years back finally hit the screens of Tamil Nadu this year.

Pasanga, from the school of Sasikumar, the director's assistant Pandiraj proved a different class. With just pasanga as the cast, he just molded the movie perfectly to win the satisfaction amongst the audience. Sasikumar should be given a special mention for producing as well as encouraging such aspiring talents.

Eeram, from the production house of S Pictures, comes another talent in the name of Arivazhagan. Yet another horror genre though it had loop holes, it was still made very well. The concept for the product, Water, was efficiently used by the director with incorporating nuances and symbolism.

Unnai Pol Oruvan, the brilliant remake of 'A Wednesday'. Hardly have we seen a movie which runs for just 2 hours and it's very hard to see a movie without any songs in the current era. But the master who has done Ph.D was brave enough to give a fantastic remake also bringing in the ace actor Mohan Lal. UPO was certainly a standard movie that could possible be an inspiring movie for aspiring movie makers.

Peraanmai, the diwali cracker, has managed to blossom very well dealing with a patriotic script. SP Jananathan, yet again proved to be a class director with casting Jayam Ravi in an unusual role from his stereotyped character.

Hollywood Rulers

Titanic and Jurassic Park wave has just arrived in the form of 2012 and Avatar. Quite surprisingly these movies shattered all other regional movies not just in Tamil Cinema, but it just swept other movies to the corner in all the regions it got released in their regional dubbed version earning gross quite more than the big star movies.

So, let's hope the next year to be a better year than 2009 and we also have a few most anticipated movies eagerly waiting to hit the silver screens in the year 2010.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Aayirathil Oruvan Review

Ofcourse he is the man who mastered the star cast,Cinematographer,Art Director,Music director,Editor,Light Man,Stunt choreographers,Assistants,VFX Artists and thousands of junior artists.

While entering the theatre i was thinking that this movie may be inspired from some other Hollywood fantasy movie.But believe me this isnt a copy or inspired movie and its a original story.
The first half had a brilliant screenplay.Though the movie is lengthy i didnt even get bored in the 1st half and the 2nd half is slow and a bit disappointment.
Ramji did an excellant job in lighting and angles.
Parthiban had a amazing character and his intro is the best part of the movie and its worth the suspense.
I badly missed Yuvan in this movie.I was very much disappointed with GV Prakash and i could hear The Lord of the Rings theme at many places which was said to be the best BGM through the movie.
Dialouges in the 2nd half was quite unperceivable though Vairamuthu and selva researched a lot about the languages used in ancient Tamil Nadu.
And the Art Direction was fantasic and this is the 1st tamil movie in recent times which had a perfect art work thoroughout the whole movie.
Karthik,Andrea,Reema did their part well and delivered what the character demands.There are few loopholes in the movie though Ayirathil Oruvan changes the Trend in Tamil Cinema and adds a Crown to our Industry.

1st half
un mela asa dhan song

- 's
lengthy 2nd half finishing
2nd half romba pure tamil
so much of abusing words

My Rating 4/5

Such good work should be appreciated to change the Trend in TC.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Night By The Sea

The night was washed bright, the moon
A silver thali floating in the sky,
The sand sparkled, the shells strewn
Flashed in the dark like a firefly.

The million speared sea with golden prongs,
Its ripples stretched till horizon's bend,
In a deep bass voice it sang songs
Of earth's beginning, perhaps of its end.

The waves rose to lie on the bridal shore,
Their passion spent in her soft warm hold,
But the sea unsatiated, pined for more
And reared again, its love unfathomed, untold.

On a night like this I ploughed the sand,
My brow furrowed and my head bent low
With life's weight, a puppet in fate's hand,
A burdened heart, my tread heavy and slow.

The monotony of the sea, I thought would be
A change from destiny's unseen turns,
Till the night, the ocean, the sky made me see
How small I was, how petty my concerns.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Critics are they sensible ???

The battle lines are drawn every Friday as critics dissect a film and pass a verdict, every time a critic lashes out on a film it not just affects the films Box Office run but also dents the reputation of people who were behind making the film.
Allegations, accusations and denials have been volleyed with no holds barred with neither side ready to acknowledge that the need of the hour is "Sensibility".

Are filmmaker's honest? , Is the critic consistent with his/her criticism? Critic rates the film but who rates the critic? , Are some of the questions which are bound to turn up. Few Critics have been accused of being "a limelight moth" at the expense of a Star or a film. It just takes a personal tiff with a star and a truck load of personal swipe in his blog. Voila! They are popular overnight with extremely high hits to their blog. It is only right to say that few critics have lost their moral obligation to make sure people don't miss out on good films. Film Makers vehemently allege that few critics are more concerned about bashing a bad film than providing a good impetus to a good film.

Isn't it enough for a critic to encourage good film makers and good films , provide young and passionate filmmakers with right push and throttle them up than mocking and bashing stars to grab a piece of pie called "publicity"?. Majority of today's critic's are either the puppets of big star's or publicity freaks who just want to be in the "news”. Only few manage to have morally sound conviction towards their profession.

Arun Vaidyanathan - The darling of the critics ever since he directed “Achamundu Achamundu” was his usual frank self about this issue. "Responsible and sensible critics have always been supporting people who are trying to do good cinema, however, there are few of them who want to bash a film because of their personal issues, its unfortunate and it shouldn't happen".

There were few critics who dismissed films like "Katradhu Thamizh " as a mere confused attempt when it was released, while in reality it was a film was about a "Confused, Psychotic and a frustrated" man. As a critic one is expected to posses’ good comprehension skills to comprehend cinema. Are critics really taken seriously by the people? Are they taking the might of their Pen for granted?

There seems to be a clear divide in the way both the sides think, the arrogance is seldom intellectual. Its high time film makers and critics open their ears to good “sensible” voices from both the sides, when this happens then Cinema will be the winner.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yet Another Wish

Wish there was a person, whom we can fully trust,
Never leave with tears coming with thrust.

Wish there was a poem which can express what I feel,
You left me in a condition which no medicine can heal.

Wish she kept her promise to be with me forever
She was so adamant to leave me; nothing could bring her back ever.

Wish there was a word which could tell her how much I love her,
But she just regarded me as another err..

Wish she could feel my pain,
But every attempt to get her back goes in vain.

Wish there was a magic ball for real,
I could see the future and avoid this ordeal.

If a knew that the hugs were transient, I would never free her from my arms….

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Waiting Alone

None beside me had to wait
Everyone was passing by
I loved the very state
It was raining from the sky

It was cold and a sweet scent
I sat down beyond a lonely tree
The pitter patters that rain sent
I heard, none cared to see

Everyone Running Somewhere
I suddenly smiled for nothing
They liked the way I stare
And Robins began to sing

Nobody, just me, just this rain
And it reminded something deep
As clouds gathered, a cruel pain
I looked away, I was to weep

And questions again fogging my brain
With passers by now almost gone
I have this strange feeling again
I can’t take it, not when I’m alone.

Rain was hiding my tears,
I was crying, like every day,
Sad, As rain so appears,
And my pain gets in the way

I felt many a rain drop
My heart started to pound
I felt like it’s going to stop
Rain, Oh! How sad does it sound?

I lay down, with everyone gone,
Wishes I do have some
I wait yet alone,
Knowing She will not come.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Failure of Love

I have pain inside of me
And crying is my only cure
I go crazy thinking of you
My love for you is pure.

The clock is ticking
And I wish it would slow down
The moment of truth is near
I smile on the outside, but inside I frown.

Life is so unfair and confusing
]No matter what, I lose
I feel so lost in this game called love
I don't know what to choose.

This is my minute of insanity
My second of unclear thought
I don't know what I'll do without you
All these months, I've fought.

Keep me concealed
For I don't think I want to see you
When there is this much ache in my heart
I won't make it through.

I am almost ashamed of this poem
Because I know I should forget you now
I have tried so many times before

Monday, January 11, 2010


Let us tonight not talk, my love,
Of gangrenous stars, crimson sky,
The mutilated moon, life that is a lie,
Of flesh that rots away, joys futile,
Or even of love, that perhaps is no more
Than fleeting illusions of hearts bled awhile.

Nor let us talk of poetry, fated
To feed silver bookworms, who when sated,
Will only turn to another dusty tome
Of poems- uncared for, unloved, unread.

Let us instead be silent, for once, tonight,
Let us close our eyes, and devoid of sight,
Let us converse through our fingertips,
Interlocking tongues, and quivering lips,
Let them trace wordless poems on your skin,
Taste cardamom and cinnamon deep within,
While sighs, like smoke from a slow fire, escape,
Let me imprison your smells, sounds and shape.

Yes, shelter me tonight, secure in your womb,
Unable to go on, weary, I seek this tomb,
Till the sun rises, and life intervenes yet again,
Praying all the while that the night is never slain.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


It's best to take heart in simple joys
Than break heart with big dreams.

How many of us take in the free breeze blow
And not long for the motored resort?

Which of you won't butcher a rooster
When your garden is a pantry of green vegetables?

Which of you would shrink to the woman by your side
When another bewitchingly passes you by?

Which of you would overlook a wad of money
While you vehemently oppose the theory of chance?

Who among you would an intoxicating today
Put off for an uncertain tomorrow?

Today is in your face but tomorrow can betray you:
What's yours can always be yours
But what you don't have might never be yours.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Productivity improvement

Many organisations are experiencing the pleasant task and tension of a two fold increase in the demand of their products and services.consequently the emphasis has shifted to the ultimate and inevitable goal of productivity improvement.Whenever there was a backlog, more often than not, workmen were blamed for their negative and inflexible attitude to improving their productivity.Blue collar productivity was believed to be the single critical variable in the business process. While it is true to some extent that one cannot under estimate the potential of the management or the executive productivity.But business results could be improved through proper interventions by executives and managers alone.

First and foremost comes the QUALITY . The rejection level in even well run organisations is in the percentage 15-20 % When one analyses the causes for this high level of rejection, it is found to be in the ,manufacturing process.In many organisations in an effort to increase production, somehow or other to meet the market demand, the rejection level goes up.In many cases this happens due to the negligence of workmen. Managerial and executive productivity lies in reducing the rejection level to zero defect.This is possible only if quality systems are properly installed.After this very few organisations iniate efforts to conformance a way of life.Getting everyone to conform to the quality systems is a mark of executive and managerial productivity.

Another important area which offers enormous scope for executive productivity is the reduction of cycle time.If our organisations are to compete in the global markets, their response time should match the world standards.Cycle time reduction is possible only if non-value adding activities are systematically identified and eradicated.This can be done only by executives and managers and not by workmen

Friday, January 8, 2010


Fashion is different from custom or rather is a particular species of it.That is not the fashion which everybody wears, but which those wear who are of high rank or character.The graceful the easy and the commanding manners of the great joined to the usual richness and magnificence of their dress, give grace to the very form which they happened to bestow upon it.As long as they continue to use this form, it is connected in our imagination with the idea of something that is genteel and magnificent and though in itself it should be indifferent, it seems on account of this relation, to have something about it that is genteel and magnificent too.As soon as they drop it, it loses all the grace, which it had appeared to posses before, and being now used only by the inferior ranks of people, seems to have something of their meanness and awkwardness.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Creative and lateral thinking is yet another area offering scope for improving executive productivity.When one compares the number of suggestions per employee and the number of quality circles in our organisations with that in Japanese organisations, the picture is not encouraging.There can be a lot of excuses and reasons for not being able to get a worker to come out with suggestions.But this is the indicator of executive productivity.A supervisor's production should be measured not by the production figures alone but by the number of creative suggestions from his workmen and the number of quality circles formed in his selection.

Another important area to measure executive productivity is the new product introduction lead time.Under the emerging competitive environment, customers look for new and improved products which offer value for money.If an organisation sticks to its old standards of new product introduction time, it will be left behind. A famous quote by a company is "we will make our products obsolete before our customer does"

In the light of the automation and quality being built into the process,productivity and quality can be assured to a large extent because of the improvement in the manufacturing system.If these two areas are taken care of, the only role of supervisor or manager in the work place is to change the attitude of workmen.Very little effort is being invested to change the attitude and value system at work place.There is no point in blaming workmen since resistance to change is but a natural and human tendency.The productivity of managers and supervisors lies in changing the attitude of workmen

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Young people are of great help to the country.They can devote themselves to the national cause when their energy is properly harnessed and directed.The older generation seeks the assistance of younger ones whenever required but refuses to grant them important positions and opportunities for which they are fit.

The power of Youth has not been fully utilised.Young people give a touch of novelty and by their initiatives can overhaul the social system of out country.They can ignore the lapses and dedicate themselves for the public welfare.They can stablize the political conditions and help the government.But of late, due to many social ills and problem of unemployment, Indian youth are frustrated.

Thus every citizen of India must realise that youth are not useless, but they have been used less.

Monday, January 4, 2010


-> Akbar the Great Mughal Emperor doesn't know how to write his name.

-> Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates was a School drop out, but became the 1st richest man in the world.

->Albert Einstein who won Nobel Prize for his theory of relativity in 1921 could not study properly due to his eye problem.

->Srinivasa Ramanujam the great mathematician once attempted to commit suicide in England.

->All the Continents in the world start and end with same letter and they are vowels.

->Dhirubai Anbani the great industrialist had nothing to flaunt with his marksheet but billions of people swore his balance sheet.

->Adolf Hitler who was a German dictator was born in Australia.

-> Sachin Tendulkar who failed in 19th board exams 5 times but continues to make tons.The first player to surpass 10000 ODI runs.

->USA became Independent 237 years ago and didnt have any woman president till now.

->England discovered cricket but didnt even win a single World Cup till now.

->The famous football Player Pele composed numerous musical pieces including the entire sound track for the 1977 film Pele.

->The fast food giant McDonald was actually owner by two brothers Maurice and Richard McDonald until Ray kroc brought it in 1961 for $ 2, 700, 000.

->In 1865 Mount Everest previously reffered to as peak XV was renamed after George Everest, the british surveyor general of India from 1830 to 1843.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Who can show us path ?

Nobel souls are always in great demand to show us the right path.

Once a well trained eye specialist met kanchi Acharya and said " Swami ! i am going to start an eye-hospital in abroad and I need your blessings "

The venerable saint looked at him for a moment and said why to start in abroad? why not to start here itself to benefit our people ?

This ignited the doctors mind and this laid the foundation for World famous eye hospital by name " Shankara Nethrealayam "

Swami vivekanada pointed out that religion and culture are the soul of India when it is touched India will die "

It was saint Ramadasa who was behind Chatrapathi Shivaji; It was saint who made Ashoka to take up the path of Ahimsa.

Likewise only a saint can lead this country to glory.

Gita says,

"Yield not to unmanliness, it will not benefit thee

Cast it off this mean faint-heartedness and arise

O!scorcher of thine enemies" .

It is when national body is weak that all sort of germs enter in social, political and intellectual state.The only remedy is to get into the root of the problem and cleanse the impurities.

Let us awasken the eternal Bharath ! Jai Hind !

Saturday, January 2, 2010

3 Idiots review

I just dont want to make a comment over the movies which had released just a while back.But Aamir khan’s film that has created a buzz in industry- 3 Idiots. I don’t have the faintest idea of how 5-point someone is and after knowing the film is loosely based on this novel, I didn’t show any interest to grab the book from stores as WYRIWYDG (What You Read Is What You Don’t Get) because of the displeasure that Harry Potter series had left in me. This marks Aamir’s return to big screen after the Mega Mega Blockbuster GHAJINI (the film that didn’t deserve so much of hype), Rajkumar Hirani’s product after critically acclaimed Lage Raho Munna Bhai. It couldn’t get bigger, right? So does this film live up to its expectations? Or is it another Ghajini kinda stuff?

Life is not about getting marks but chasing your dreams. Two friends Farhan (Madhavan) andRaju (Sharman)sets off a journey to find their lost friend Rancho (Aamir) As the journey kicks off, we are shown their college memories, how Rancho stimulated them and brought a change in their lives through a series of flashbacks. The film brings out hard hitting reality of your educational system; rot learning has become a part of students’ life. The characters are real and each one of us can relate to in some part of your life. The screenplay is gripping that you don’t need to look into your watch repeatedly.

3 Idiots is not Aamir’s one man show. It belongs to everyone. Each and every character slips into their role. Aamir is showing flexibility for his every film. A revolutionary youngster, loving teacher, a killer on the run now dons a comic college goer. Though he looks too old to be called as a college-goer at some places, he makes us to dump it into abyss with his rib-tickling performance. Aamir is full of energy.Madhavan as the guy who's chasing his dad's dreams rather than his own is great. Sharman is another surprise who does his role with ease. But the show-stealer is Boman Irani, who was outstanding in his autocratic Principal. His mannerisms and dialogue delivery are exceptional that I could relate him with our Principal. Kareena has nothing much to do but she does her job neatly for given space.

The photography deserves a special mention for transporting us toLadakh and Shimla. The aerial shots are a pleasant treat for our eyes. The first half is fast-packed and hilarious and at the interval there is a twist that leaves you stunned and keeps you hooked to the movie. The film lags its pace in the latter half of the second half with some of the scenes were dragged. Mona Singh Delivery Scene was not at all funny. Songs, on hearing were ordinary but they were good on screen. (But few are annoying and unwanted) The climax is a surprise package and credits to the director for sketching it.

Hirani and Joshi’s screenplay is engaging and enlightening. Overall the movie does give you a fantastic feeling, make you forget all your problems, laugh-out-loud and get-little-emotions for three hours. It is neither a daringly different film-making nor an award winning stuff. It has feel-good factor and a perfect holiday present.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new year

Wow. Time sure does fly fast. It just feels like yesterday when I was trying to think up my New Year’s resolutions for 2009. And here I am, a short year later, already thinking ahead to 2010.It's about time to start considering what your New Year's resolutions will be this time around.I just want this time to say all my words carefully without hurting anyone and want to make all the days in the upcoming year to be much productive.

A meaningful chapter is waiting to be written ahead.May this upcoming new year bring joy,health,wealth and peace for all.I just want to take a moment and thank everyone for the time, energy, commitment, and trust you have shared with me in 2009.Like birds, let us, leave behind what we don’t need to carry…GRUDGES SADNESS PAIN FEAR and REGRETS.Life is beautiful, Enjoy it. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

This is begining of a new year!