Friday, January 29, 2010


I am one of the admirers of Mani Ratnam, but that doesn't stop me from looking at his work just like how my Maths teacher used to do my papers. He has to get rid of the goody goody type of movies directed for the English speaking upmarket Tamils. Yuva KM Guru

Agreed the sub plot was different , but his movies have that same romance reintroduced with crisp dialogues and excellent BGM , yet the scene remains the same .Hero proposes the Girl.

We can argue that Tamil Cinema is built on Love ,yet for an established director like Mani , not yet another Love Movie.High time he deviates from the pattern and explores into other genre (Crime fiction,Horror,Sci-Fi,Comedies,you can go on)

Tamil Cinema is more open to bold movies nowadays that Mani need not be afraid of how it would be received.

As news of his next movie tend to ripple in ,I hope Vikram doesn't propose to Aishwarya Rai , then an excellent BGM comes ,which is not in the CD and we scramble to buy that CD "With new songs".

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  1. Mani Rathnam need not take movies on aliens to prove his worth. Why see upwards into the sky when there are so many dear stories close to the heart which can be told. All his stories have character with whom you can relate in some way. Mani Rathnam is a master in character portrayal. He will make you fall in love with the protagonist!
    @Mani Rathnam(not that he will see):You rock I am a die hard fan!
    @Karthik: Appreciate simple elegance!