Monday, January 25, 2010

Shambo Shiva Sambho Film review

movie is superb...

but one should hav patience to watch such movie

story is a realistic 1(taking might be the reason too,we feel that it might happened really),..direction is good,...he made us feel for the characters...even though there is tamil flavour we would like it...screenplay is also good...

raviteja is simply superb(particularly in climax scene),.....words r not sufficient to describe allari naresh in this movie,he is awesome..without doubt awards r waiting for him..he makes us laugh n at the same time he makes us feel,...shiva balaji is good,...rao ramesh is also good,..priyamani's character is not necessary...sunil is routine...krishna bhagwan's episodes r funny

First Half Started With Bit Slow

Interval bang Is Perfect

Rating :-4.5 / 5

Second Half With Heavy Sentiment

Overdose For Telugu Audience But It is Needed

Pre Climax Twist Never Expected

In Climax Dialoges By Naresh N Rt Excelled

Perect Movie Which Shown Friendship Values Very Well

Rating :- 4. 5 / 5

Overall Rating :- 4.5 / 5

cinematography is good n sumthin different.....

music is very bad(title song is an exception)...back ground music is good n it helped a lot in elevating the situations, is very bad(for ex:for the first half an hour we find only characters uttering dialogues n the other part remains silent like in RGV'S films...they should hav stuff it with sum music)

fights r realistic n they r effective too

dialogues r superb...wats special in dialogues is without phrases r satires...i mean using normal words they hav created wonders.....many of the audience clapped to the dialogues in climax...

on the whole SSS is worth watching,...first half is good(interval scene is solid)..first half an hour of 2nd half is boring...but the rest of it is good n climax is fantastic...

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