Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Night By The Sea

The night was washed bright, the moon
A silver thali floating in the sky,
The sand sparkled, the shells strewn
Flashed in the dark like a firefly.

The million speared sea with golden prongs,
Its ripples stretched till horizon's bend,
In a deep bass voice it sang songs
Of earth's beginning, perhaps of its end.

The waves rose to lie on the bridal shore,
Their passion spent in her soft warm hold,
But the sea unsatiated, pined for more
And reared again, its love unfathomed, untold.

On a night like this I ploughed the sand,
My brow furrowed and my head bent low
With life's weight, a puppet in fate's hand,
A burdened heart, my tread heavy and slow.

The monotony of the sea, I thought would be
A change from destiny's unseen turns,
Till the night, the ocean, the sky made me see
How small I was, how petty my concerns.

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