Saturday, January 9, 2010

Productivity improvement

Many organisations are experiencing the pleasant task and tension of a two fold increase in the demand of their products and services.consequently the emphasis has shifted to the ultimate and inevitable goal of productivity improvement.Whenever there was a backlog, more often than not, workmen were blamed for their negative and inflexible attitude to improving their productivity.Blue collar productivity was believed to be the single critical variable in the business process. While it is true to some extent that one cannot under estimate the potential of the management or the executive productivity.But business results could be improved through proper interventions by executives and managers alone.

First and foremost comes the QUALITY . The rejection level in even well run organisations is in the percentage 15-20 % When one analyses the causes for this high level of rejection, it is found to be in the ,manufacturing process.In many organisations in an effort to increase production, somehow or other to meet the market demand, the rejection level goes up.In many cases this happens due to the negligence of workmen. Managerial and executive productivity lies in reducing the rejection level to zero defect.This is possible only if quality systems are properly installed.After this very few organisations iniate efforts to conformance a way of life.Getting everyone to conform to the quality systems is a mark of executive and managerial productivity.

Another important area which offers enormous scope for executive productivity is the reduction of cycle time.If our organisations are to compete in the global markets, their response time should match the world standards.Cycle time reduction is possible only if non-value adding activities are systematically identified and eradicated.This can be done only by executives and managers and not by workmen

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