Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Veer Film Review

Veer-One of the most Expected movies of 2010 Is Dissapointing . The movie takes us back to the period where british ruled india using the divide and rule policy. The story is all about betrayal , love , and war . The story revolves around mithun chakraborty 's son Veer Who takes revenge on jackie shiroff for betraying the Pindari's by joining with the british . Pindaris are a group of people who lived in madhavgarh . They had to move out because of the occupation of that place by british and jackie shiroff. How they get back madhavgarh from the Britishers Wat happens to The king of Madhavgarh i.e Jackie Shirrof etc etc is the story The first half of the movie is good . Salman and his brother Sohail are sent to london to study in a university . salman falls in love with zerene (Katrina Look alike) . Problems then arises as people there come to know that salman belonged to the pindaris and they to finish him off in London . Salman escapes and comes back to India . then he comes to know that [SPOILER]ZERENE is the daughter of Jackie shiroff. will he sacrifise his love for his people or will he choose the path of love and leave his people behind is told in the second half . The second half of the movie literally tests one's patience. Few of the scenes inspired from troy , gladiator etc . The Stunts are not realistic at places and Salman has not learnt his mistake from his last attempt LOndon Dreams . The same mistake is made here songs coming once for every 20 minutes or so .. Which eventully slows the pace of the movie .

One has to appreciate the director anil sharma for bringing out accurately some of the details . Sadly he hasnt concentrated much on the storyline

THE CLAPS First half , Art director ,
Salman who carries the entire script , Mithun Chakraborty (Salman's Dad)

THE BOOS Second half , Screenplay , Poor Finishing , Songs , Stunts

This movie may be average - below average n single screens /

It wouldnt do great business n the case of multiplexes//

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