Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To confuse Russians

Is making a good clean fantastic film a rocket science??...

If you say the answer is "Yes" .. then the title above is justified. But the fact is even the rocket science has to be simple. Yes, everything is simple in this world. Simple to the core. When Amercians and russians went to moon, they tried to use pens for writing ... due to the lack of gravitional force over there, the ink didn't flow down to the nib. With all their intellectuals around, americans realised that it is all due to lack of gravitational force. Then sent another group of scientists, to use all their knowledge and experiments to invent a pen where the ink stays at the nib itself.

Even after lots of brainstorming exercises for months, they were unable to find a solution. As always,this imperialistic group poked their noses onto russian camp to see what is the solution they have .... shocked to see that russians used "Pencils" as a solution.

Now, who is confused??? The Americans or the Russians??? ....

Russians were clear because their ideas were simple their thought process was simple and effective. But does that mean russians are idiots??? .. mate.. they gave us(Indians) the cryogenic technology :).

Now, the same applies to the intellectual creators of tamil cinema. You try to be an American and people prefer to be russians .. then you cry my mission failed????. But infact, your mission was successful. Guess what? your mission was just to stamp your authority and confuse the audience. Dont tell me your mission was to take your concept to people across all sectors. If so, then the audience would have accepted with embraced hands. The reason for the BO failure of Heyram or a Kudaikhul Mazhai or an Aalavandhaan was this. The creator tried to complicate things too much:). EVen a complicated/most complicated concept can be taken in a much simpler manner. But what is the reason to say a simple story line like Aalavandhaan with utmost complexity??.

Heyram - Many of us were novice regarding Indian History.Accepted. But is this how you teach a novice??:D. Now.. hey simplicity in my dictionary definitely doesnt mean this "Vikraman" movies "KSR" movies "Shankars formula" movies .... definitely Not... Since Heyram was targetted here,Kamal-the creator himself had something to boast of "Simplicity" -- it is Anbae Sivam. Anbae sivam had everything in it 1.) Communism, 2.) Humanity, 3.) Love, GOD and what not?? I always maintain that Anbae Sivam is a movie with universal solution. Anbae Sivam is very simple concept to understand.

Ok... whatever I had mentioned is from a laymans a film buffs standpoint. Now, I conclude with a question, a perspective of a creator to the audience ..

"Hey Tom, Dick and Harry" .. if Anbae Sivam is simple and had all good things in it including the entertainment factors and super star hero .. why didnt you welcome Anbae Sivam with embranced hands?????

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