Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fall of Superstar

No , This post is not about Rajnikanth. It's about the person who made me buy the Ray-Ban Glasses , not one but two. He's the guy who made Blue Jeans and White T-Shirt a rage. Not Salman He's the guy who made BVLGari watches on my shopping list. He was the World's truly first Global Superstar.

Steven Spielberg.Stanley Kubrick.Robert Zemeckis.Martin Scorcese . All top notch directors.

They all wished to cast him.


How i wish his rise to the stardom would be of a tale to tell, but his line up of movies Valkyrie - Re shoots , Postponed to 2009 Tropic Thunder - Cameo + Robert Downey JR.

aren't that great that u could wait for a blockbuster.

A Visit to the IMDB's boards is enough for us to get convinced of his unpopularity.It's become 'cool' to hate him.As Will Smith and Super-heroes continue to trounce the Box Office,his Ranking and Status as an 'A' List star is at the bottom ever since his career peaked.Things didn't help with his Scientology beliefs and Oprah.

There's a famous Hollywood saying that "Every Script is either touched by Tom Cruise or Meryl streep".

Oh How Time could slap on a Man. But to a certain extent he made himself a part of it .

As he tries to resurrect his career let's have a look at some of his defining Movies

Top Gun
Born on the Fourth of July
The Rain Man
Minority Report
Jerry Maguire
A few Good Men
Mission Impossible
The Color of Money

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