Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Arranged or love marriage ??

Arranged Marriage is better than love marraige. I wonder why people think that arranged marraige will always be against their wishes and they will not be consulted at all. The very meaning of arranged marraige is that it has been planned after giving much thought about the pros and cons of the possible relationship.
As a member of family, we should take into confidence our parents and relative before taking such a big decision because it smoothens the path of acceptance to the new member in the family. Human are a social being and they always like to be there where they are cared and loved. An arranged marraige doesnot mean that no love exist between the boy and the girl. It is just that the decision to marry has not been taken without consulting guardian. Arranged marraige brings cohesion in the family and provides better environment for the growth of children also.I do support Arrange marriage bcoz i hav seen a lot of broken relationship in Love marriage cases.

It is but obvious that i can't marry the one whom i don't know and in today's scenario it is very difficult to trust anyone i dont say that the one whom i'll choose is the best but atleast i'll have the benefit of knowing him for long which would help me understand him very well . It doesn't mean that i m against love marriage if in my phase of life i dont come across any person whom i don't love.i would definitely leave it up for my parents to decide the guy for me which i very well know will be the best choice .

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