Friday, November 13, 2009

Is this Christmas??

Is this Christmas – the season of peace and joy?
A manger most palatial readies,
While a slaughter house readies for cows and lamb.

Is this Christmas – the season of warmth and comfort?
Tall tree glitters next to your hearth,
While we bunker under a tree around mountains distant.

Is this Christmas - the season of love and mercy?
Cards and mails of heart-rending ideals do the round,
While we barely breathe and make ends meet.

Is this Christmas - the season of giving and thanksgiving?
Your worn out socks stick out glittering gifts,
While of ours stick out cold working feet and hands.

Isn’t it Christmas - a season for you and me?
You’re sharing all you’ve got,
While we’re looking at what’ve found.

Yes, this is Christmas – a season for all.
Everyone has something to thank for,
While the earth rejoice in lofty ideals of the season.

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