Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sura Film Review

It is very rare that a mass hero like Vijay’s movie hitting the silver screen with less than 30% pointing in the expectation meter. Yes, trust me only 30 out of 100 Vijay fans had expectation on Sura unfortunately the Hero’s 50th movie. I fall under the 70% still finding it hard to digest that my Hero has hosted such a disappointing show in his Golden Jubilee. Let us keep it apart and have a glimpse of how the movie goes.

The film starts with Cyclone hitting the coastal part of Tamil Nadu and the fishermen who left for a week did not return back home, the director shows few hundred standing on the shore and waiting for their counterparts. The Government saves every other fishermen using their coastal force but the fail to save one who comes out of the sea, he is none other than our Golden Jubilee hero and runs on to dance out gracefully his intro song “Vettri Kodi Yethu” thoroughly enjoyed by the fans in the theatre, unfortunately this turns out to be the last laugh for fans in the first half of the movie. Let me not waste time in explaining about Inspector Villan, Fair & Lovely heroine who keeps falling in love for the hero as usual. Melody when the Hero and heroine fall in love. As usual a big senseless scene to show the Villan is a Villan. After that the Villan wants to acquire the small village where the hero is the demi-god. Now you know what happens and it happens without any twist and turns. Sura starts biting your seat via the effective screenplay by S.P.Raajakumar.

The second half has two reasons to smile “Bomayee” and “Nan Nadandhal Adhiradi” song, it was out of the world experience when one could see Vijay dancing on the screen for a few steps in the former and the entire song in the latter. Action sequences were well choreographed but again his highness S.P.Rajaakumar forgets to display the reason for why an action block was needed there. So, after the final song the movie travels towards the end as usual with a hero-villan clash. I am strictly a commercial movie fan. But this movie was an overdose for me. Few differences in this movie, Vadivelu portrayed a Villan for the audience, whenever Vadivelu appears on the screen audience fear if he would make them laugh. The Villan made us LOL, he was the best comedian trying to show himself as a Villan with 0% lip-sync, he irritates. Vijay except for selecting this script has done his job, I enjoyed nothing except the dance for the intro and the two songs in the second half. Tammanna can never be blamed, she wanted to do a movie with Vijay and it was fulfilled. After biting the Hero’s 50th movie success, the Banner and heroines victory run (hopefully) Sura has managed to disappoint Vijay’s fans also.

Any fanatic would want to write a sensational review of his Hero’s golden jubilee flick and Sura bites it as well. Vijay has been bouncing back from a string of flops in his career, this time it takes a while for him to budge. I would expect his 51st movie would bring him and his fans back on track.

CLAPS: Vijay and his Dance. BOOS: Vadivelu, Mani Sharma, His Highness S.P.Raajakumar, Tamanna, Dev Gill et al. MY RATING: 0.5/5

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