Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hospital of Life

Summer has come again,
Burning brusises;
And giving pain.
After all,
The Sun has burnt my Guns,

my girl,
strayingly, left me wounded;
In jungles of this World.
I wont slip this tongue;
To utter those three words, again.

I'm waiting,
For thundering monsoons;
To pour some crimson rain.
They'll heal my wounds;
From green to mellow stains.
Yellow remains...

Someday after,
Walking, two steps ahead;
I'll be healed afresh.
Wednesday, in my ages,
THat wont fade;
I'll be healed afresh.
Everynight i scream,
My prayers;
To get healingly afresh.
Ooh! Sometime,
In my timelessness;
I'll be healed afresh.

I never came to know;
When i got admitted.
And was hospitalised,
Into this Hospital of iife.

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