Saturday, May 8, 2010

Seventh Sense official announcement

The official announcement is finally out. The much expected union of Murugadoss and Suriya is set to become a reality. In a press meet held at the Green park Hotel in Chennai this evening, the details of the project were revealed and going by what was said this one will surely be one of the biggest and prestigious projects to come out of Kollywood in the near future. It will feature Shruthi Haasan alongside Suriya with Ravi K Chandran handling the camera.
That A.R. Murugadoss and Suriya are a superhit combination needs no elaboration after the stupendous success they had with Ghajini. The past few months had been rife with speculations about the possibilities of Murugadoss once again directing Suriya. This will be Murugadoss’ first Tamil film after Ghajini; that is nearly a five year break during which he has created a great name for himself in Bollywood with Ghajini’s Hindi version.

Coming to the details of the new project, it has been titled Ezhavadhu Arivu and it will be a multi-lingual simultaneously shot in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi with no changes in the lead cast. There are also plans to dub the movie in English and release it across the globe.

The director confidently stated that this will be an extremely unique theme that will carry a very special element never before seen in Tamil cinema. He hinted that Ezhavadhu Arivu might deal with extrasensory perception and an ability to foresee the future, but nothing concrete was revealed. He also said that this film would give Suriya one of the best and most challenging roles that he has played in his career.

Shruthi Haasan, in a brief speech said that she is honored and excited to be working with such a huge team on her Tamil acting debut. She has already made her screen debut in Hindi through a film titled Luck.

Speaking at the meet, Suriya said that he had been hugely impressed with the story when he first heard it and had immediately got the producer (Udayanidhi Stalin – Red Giant Movies) involved. He added that the final product would be of a kind that would impress even Hollywood film makers and will definitely make Tamil cinema proud.

Music for Ezhavadhu Arivu is being scored by the ‘Suriya constant’ Harris Jeyaraj. Obviously, lot would be expected from the music after the Suriya-Murugadoss-Harris delivered some chartbusters in Ghajini. Earlier, Murugadoss had said that Harris had already composed a song for the film which he felt would have an impact similar to the ‘Suttum vizhi chudare’ number.

Everything has been cleared for the film to go to the floor and shooting will being in a few days from now with a Suriya-Shruthi Haasan combo.

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