Thursday, May 6, 2010

Skin Should Be in ?

Dress codes are omnipresent in today's life. It has been imposed into us by our workplace or educational intuitions or places of worship alike. Modest dressing is highly necessary. But are we not crossing the border and breaching into others personal life by telling them what to wear.

Some many say lack of such checks will ruin culture. Culture is a safe word like God. So what is culture? Culture might mean several things but for now it means only one thing make sure everyone is depressed in all sense and block individuality. We want creative, happy and energetic individuals as only they add to the good of the society. People are old enough to know how to behave and what to wear. If they dont then they will be the ones who will face the consequences.

We do not need narrow minded people to steal our identity. We need wise people to enrich our consciences. We need someone to teach us to tell right from wrong. With this value we must be the one to decide what to wear. For an India the west seems to dress provocatively. For the west the Indian clothes like dhothi or saree might be quite odd. So even the term modest is relative. It varies from person to person.

When none of the parameter are same in this context then why frame rules? Why bond people in their sense of expression? True some control is needed but I think that slowly but surely it can be cultivated. There is no use forcing people as soon they will learn to hate it. More often these so called dress codes are new ways to target and control women. 

Let us all act like big tall individuals. We are all grown up and responsible people. When I can choose who should lead my country why cannot I choose what to wear?

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