Saturday, May 8, 2010

Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam Review

IKMS - Lets talk about the good things first

dialogues about political situations were brilliant
naming places sarcastically (was kind of overdose)
certain scenes were good
Now comes the not so good parts.

The Stories inspired from - Imsai 23 (comedy character once now changed to a hero character , everything else the same )

Dharmapuri very closely

Indiana jones

Scenes inspired from :

Bank scene where diamond is lost ('thaedinaen vanthathu' a Prabhu movie opening

scene )

Four guys taking him to their place for saving the place from goondas (scenes and

subplot from dharmapuri )

Question answers before taking treasure - Harry Potter inspired

Second half locations + Scenes - Indiana Jones inspired

Tribal girl given in marriage to Lawrence for saving them - Shangai Noon inspired

Cowboy world history showing Jaishankar , MGR - vivek's comedy in Alai inspired

Gun shooting practice scenes - Billa inspired

Giving titles to Lawrence initially by the place people - Exactly like two people who praise Vadivelu in Imsai Arasan

Why this movie was not a superb one , but just an average one was the scenes and locations were so inspired, giving already seen feeler and in second half many were predictable, on top, the music was worse ....

So simbhudevan ji alert please, you may want to have a check on inspirations. Inspite of all these, the sarcastic dialogs and the humor was superb. We wish you continued on your creativity run with the story and screenplay too.

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