Monday, May 3, 2010


That fine day,
The way you made me feel,
Will linger in my mind,
For posterity.

Those sharp rises,
All in glory,
And those sudden falls,
With all that grace.

The way every note landed,
The way you reared them home,
Made me feel that may be,
You were the Shepard and raga the lamb.

Neither to feeble to push aside,
Nor too loud to subdue.
With flawless tone,
You won my heart.

Every time you said Kanna,
I could feel His presence,
Heard that song millions of time before,
But first time I felt the essence.

Some say music makes us forget,
They are liars I say,
For I may forget my name,
But not the song you sang!

Every time you said 'Kannanai Kandayo'
I wanted to nod,
Not that I have seen Him before,
Not until you manifested him in the song.

Utter happiness is what I felt,
If that is divinity,
Then God I have seen,
Not with my eyes but through your song.

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