Saturday, May 15, 2010

No more problem for Manja Velu

The producer of Thunichal, Dr. P Kalidas filed for a stay order against the release of the Arun Vijay starrer Maanja Velu citing reasons that the actor was responsible for the losses he incurred. Dr. P Kalidas had alleged that Arun Vijay made certain demands for the release of Thunichal and failed to dub for the movie due to which he suffered losses amounting to several lakhs. He, therefore, sought a stay order for Maanja Velu’s release.

When this issue was brought before the court, the producer of Maanja Velu, Dr Mohan said that the stay order for his film would do great injustice to him as there was no dispute between him and P Kalidas. Following this, the petitioner told the court that they would withdraw the case. Maanja Velu will now hit the screens as planned.

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