Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I passed upon the stairs,
Speaking of was and when.
With smile-some agonies,
And jovial tears of love.
I found myself halplessly,
NAked and bare;
Stoned and unaware.

I gazed a gazeless stare,
At empty violet skies.
THinking, velveltly nothing,
To free my residual burdens.
Stainlessly fair,
With care;
Stoned and unaware.

When i wanna get high,
In smokes of endless nights;
I roll a joint,
Of Marijuana.

When i wanna feel light,
And my love often fights;
I roll a joint,
Of Marijuana.

Coz' She don't lie,
She don't lie;
She don't lie,
MArijuana...Oooh! MArijuana.

I Weave,
So many new dreams;
FAntasising me,
ANd it frolics.
Dreaming to sail,
Seven seas of this World;
And another,
Entertaining my times.
Everytime i fail,
Stoned and unaware.

I'm incapable,
to make people interpret;
Myself and my Me...
Sometimes, so near,
Often so far.
Glittering on crimson sky,
Like a black star;
Stoned and unaware.

I'm adorable,
To aspring minds;
Inspiring hearts.
Everytime to care,
Leaving no spares
Some infatuated by Me,
And many by Mine.
Finally I fall,
Like a shooting black star;
Stoned and unaware.

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