Sunday, March 21, 2010

Priyanka Chopra - short n sweet

We did a little quick Q&A session with PC, And here’s what we got:

Sexiest B’wood actor – Shah Rukh Khan

Favourite co-star – Umm, tough pick, oh my God, I have a lot of favourite co stars. Well... since Shah Rukh Khan’s my favourite actor, I kind of get dumbfounded when I work with him, I still do, so he wins!

Sexiest heroine (you can name yourself if you like) – I’d say besides myself, if I had to pick someone, I think Deepika and Bipasha. Very sexy bodies, very fit, toned, beautiful, besides myself (laughs).

Best actress – Kajol, for sure. Wackiest person, the most fun,
completely crazy – Me, really, I’m definitely the most fun to be with.

Favourite chill out place – My friends’ houses. I’m not a very party person. I’m a Cancerian na, so I’m very homely.

Love to pig out on – Everything. But junk food’s my favourite cuisine. I’m so grateful it doesn’t show!

Favourite outfit – Saree. I wear a lot of dresses because it’s more convenient, but if I was getting the opportunity I would wear sarees everywhere. I wear them to a lot of formal events.

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