Saturday, March 27, 2010

Latest news about Katrina kaif

Now a day Katrina Kaif is none other than, but the lady who is giving not just the Bollywood heroines, but also top models a marathon run for their money.

Hot Katrina kaif will be endorsing 'Lux Purple Lotus & Cream', a soap infused with anti-ageing properties, is directed by Marco. Kat, the bollywood hottest actress, who replaced Hot Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as the face for the Nakshatra range of jewelry.

Above was Katrina Kaif Latest News but now at below want to share with you about Latest Bollywood Gossips for Katrina Kaif are,

Recently in Bangkok, shooting for an advertisement for a new beauty product, and Katrina Kaif decided to go shopping during her free time. However, when she left the hotel, she realized there was a huge traffic jam, that’s why took a train to the shopping district. She shopped at Siam Paragon Shopping Centre and at another luxury mall on Sukhumvit Road.She is really true bindaas babe.

(1) I am talking about Latest Katrina Kaif Interview then she said that, “I don't think every actress in Bollywood has been associated with Lux. A select few actresses, who they felt suited the brand right (have been associated with it) and they all have been actresses of great stature with wonderful careers and some wonderful work. I am very honored to join the group of people who have been with Lux over the years. Lux is an iconic brand synonymous with beauty and film stars, and it will be a wonderful association for both of us. The idea of using our national flower lotus with enhanced beauty oils was good.”

(2) Katrina Kaif will reportedly have to train for two weeks in order to perform one dance sequence in her forthcoming film Tees Maar Khan. The dance is an 'item number' - a song and dance routine that is unrelated to the rest of the film.

(3) Katrina Kaif is awaiting the release of her next film or Bollywood Upcoming Movies in 2010 'Rajneeti' and said about it that, “I go by my instincts and the potential of the script, and I am looking forward to the release of 'Rajneeti' this year where I get to share screen space with some of the finest talents of the film industry”

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