Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mundhinam partheney film review

“Mundhinam Partheney ” has no big names either in the acting front or behind the scenes but it is one of the better takes on “Love” in the recent times which is as real as it can possibly get. Magizh Thirumeni debuts with this one & he shows a lot of potential in presenting a tale pleasantly & interestingly without any uncalled-for histrionics or melodrama making it a worthwhile movie watching experience. He should surely make his “Guru” Goutham Vasudev Menon proud & also show him thing or two how love can be portrayed on screen without any undue over the top moments.

Movie does start off rather amateurishly & sluggishly without anything worthwhile happening onscreen but once Sanjay & Ektha meet & get into a relationship the movie takes of nicely with a very interesting climax to boost. The fact that reality bites & not every love has a happy ending is told in a poetic manner. Also the director has not taken undue efforts to justify the actions of the lead pair with is what makes the movie intriguing.

On the downside , the pace may have been taken care of while songs spring up here & there without any validation for their appearance which does gets under one’s nerves after a point of time. One gets a feeling that there are 1 or 2 songs too many , though the songs are pleasant to hear.

Arvind as the protagonist is adept with boy next door features .Among the heroines Ektha is competent while the other two Lizna & Pooja pass muster.

Sai Prasanth & that talkative girl of the gang manages to generate heartfelt laughter without any double-entendres or vulgar jokes which is refreshing indeed.

In Thaman’s music all songs are melodious & good to hear while he is OK with his Background score.

Jayanan Vincent’s Cinematography is proficient while editing may have been sharper.

On the whole , when one entered the cinema hall without any expectation , “Munthinam Partheney ” comes across as a whiff of fresh air. Go for it & enjoy the pleasantness of realism .

Bottomline: Pleasant .


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