Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Karthik calling karthik review

A very simple story, but one that keeps on quizzing you till the end. More important is the realism in the movie. All scenes and things that reveal the twists are perfectly logical. I have never seen such a edge of the seat thriller story narrated without any action or supernatural occurings.

Karthik, a intelligent but conserved guy without self confidence becomes a failure in his professional as well as personal(love) life. He decides to commit suicide, but he gets a phone call, the person in the other side of the phone declares that he is also karthik and he is there to help him. On other Karthik's advice, Karthik succeeds in his professional life and wins over Shonali(his lover) too. All is well till he reveals the truth about another Karthik to Sonali. Sonali advises him not to pick his phone call and he dint pick the call and next day when Karthik picks up the phone, the infuriated karthik challenges him that it is going to be end of his success. Next day, he loses his job, love and becomes pennyless(moneyless). Karthik wants to find the other karthik and get rid of him from his life. Does he succeeds or not becomes the second part of story....

Few scenes are simply stunning. Especially the scene in which, the Psychiatrist attends the call from other Karthik infront of Karthik, gets horrified and runs out of his house.

Farhan, I dont know before that he is an actor. He lived as Karthik. The way he expresses his fear, when he waits for Phone call and methods he adopt to escape from other Karthik are superb scenes.

Deepika is gorgeous. I went to movie for her and Uff teri ada song even after hearing bad reviews from my friends. Shankar Essen Loy are commandable, Hey Ya and Uff teri ada still remains in my mind. They did an awesome job in bgm too(which is very essential for a thriller script)

Nicely executed plot from a concept tht is killed by 2 tamil cinema previously....

Verdict: Go for it... You just cant watch it again or after hearing watch soon and avoid spoilers....

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