Monday, March 29, 2010

Angadi Theru Film Review

Angadi Theru audience can never have a negative mindset as Vasantha Balan gave a stunner called 'Veyyil', a few years back under Shankar's banner. Now with international recognition with various awards that Veyyil fetched him, he doesn't need the banner anymore. With expectation comes responsibility and the responsibility was held perfect by Vasantha Balan who has portrayed the Angadi Theru. Often, when you give a decent movie, you tend to see shades of the same movie in your upcoming movies as well. But Vasantha Balan stands as an exception in the street of Angadies. I am sure there is tremendous homework behind this attempt. It's not an easy task to portray the inner life of the sales guys working in famous all-in-one shops that too located in the busy bee of Chennai.
The movie is about the life of people working in a Angadi Street (Street that has got only shops). It doesn't focus only on the lead pair but also describes how people live a life managing a business in this street. There are many brilliant scenes to describe both shades of people. The platform shopkeepers, the individual sellers, the cruel supervisors, the physically challenged people and also the policemen who safeguards the public from cheaters and thieves.
The movie would have been a zombie if importance is not give to the casting. Vasantha Balan scores high here. We saw his casting brilliance in Veyyil, especially the flashback episode of choosing the child artists. I am not at all surprised to see the same brilliance in Angadi Theru. If I had to pick someone who was mega brilliant, it would go to the director A. Venkatesh. I was shocked to his stunning performance. The character that he played, the ruggedness that he had and of course the look made it to say that the casting of his character can never be replicated by anybody else. I in fact felt, instead of directing horrible commercial movies, he can do such meaningful character roles. The other significant factor about other cast involved in the movie is that they resembled as if the real sales guys were asked to act. Only odd feel about the cast that I felt was the character Kani played by Anjali. Her glamy look doesn't make her an apt character to play a salesgirl role. But still, she did role to perfection. Also, the typical 'Annatchi kadai' slag was maintained fantastically throughout the movie. One can notice the slang on how it differs when rendered at different emotion.
Paandi, the KKK fame needs some special mention for his humor in the movie. In general, we often see the screen presence occupied by the lead pair of a movie. But here, we could see that more than two cast shares the screen presence throughout the movie. Paandi, in this movie is not meant for filling the comedian role alone. He shares some significant screen space in many scenes. Along with Paandi, there are other casts like Shophie Mary, other supervisor, the Great Annatchi and many others who have done a neat job.
Vasantha Balan has also taken a dig at many real life incidents or rather accidents and cleverly connected to his child, the screenplay. None can forget the accident that caused the life of the platform livers when a lorry overrun on the platform resulting in many lives. Also, another accident in the improper level crossing. He has used these real accidents into the screenplay apt and certainly not to create tragedy like how we had seen in several movies in the past. He has also taken a dig at Saravana Stores describing how cruel they are with poor illiterate people from village and how rude they are to these people. He has also concentrated on describing how people come to a different city to earn for their family, which is entirely dependant on the person for bread and butter. There are quite a few scenes where Vasantha Balan has literally made the audience to move with the screenplay and fantastic dialogues by Jayamohan. When a dwarf worries that his kid was born resembling him with crippled legs and hands, his wife was very much happy with the way the kid was born resembling him. Asked why, she replied, none can question her on her chastity as they live in the streets and moreover her husband is a dwarf. This specific scene took the audience off their seat and got accolades.
Who can take an open challenge to go and shoot with your mobile camera in the Ranganathan Street? I bet, you will immediately delete the video from your mobile on seeing the quality of capture. Imagine the shoot, which took place in the same street with no sets. Normally, when you shoot in public, it will attract the crowd, but you are in a street where you can see 4 people per square meter. These are more than enough challenges for the debutant Richard. Be it the busy Ranganathan Street or the clean drought village, the debutant scores significantly high and claim due credits for his phenomenal work behind the camera.
Music and the background score for the movie did not let the momentum of the movie to go down. In this aspect, both Vijay Antony, who has also handled the background score and G V Prakash has done a decent job with neat songs and rhythmic clear BGM.
Vasantha Balan scripts each and every frame brilliantly. The continuity has been maintained very well with Sreekar Prasad doing a crisp work with his scissors. Vasantha Balan gave valid justification and also did not over bore the audience with too much emotion or too much humor. He is just 3 movies old director and he has got the ability to maintain the pace and calculate the pulse of the audience. You get to see a lot of beggars who can bring soft corner as soon as you see them. But Vasantha Balan did not bring the emotion in just showing them but also used them along with the screenplay to bring in emotion. Overall, the product is a very neat and genuine attempt and a welcome movie for the Tamil Cinema Audience.

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  1. I love this film!!! Best emotional movie i ever saw, also i love the way Mahesh acted in this movie superb:)