Thursday, March 4, 2010


It’s a blessing, now I feel, that you are not here.
You are now fabled, in fantasy, in dreams.
No way near me, nor reality.

I look at you, remember you as I want to be,
Or rather like to be.
Insignificant, you were that or not.
Or you were ever like that or not.

In the world I live,
There is something at least, to think about,
The way I like, feel relieved of pain,
On listening to words, that were never uttered.
Something to look at, which is not there.

Lunacy, it is, I always thought.
But it works, lifts me and heal.
U definitely exist I know.
Good that you left and
were spared the defacing by reality.
To exist now as I wish to be.
Away from me, but for me, forever

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