Monday, December 28, 2009

Learn Yourself

One of the best Professors I ever had said to the class, "You are your project, work on you." There are two projects in life that we should pursue or unconsciously are already in pursuit of is the project of constantly investing and improving our selves and the project of building our empires. The project of working on oneself to the point of excellence is a choice that I a faithful advocate of. The project of constant self-improvement and learning who you are as a person can never be a futile pursuit. This is in essence a life-long project but with constant reflection, you will accomplish a lot more in less time.

While we work on ourselves, so that we can continue to become a better person we in turn add to the welfare and up liftment of society while reaching the apex of personal development. These pursuits tend to produce persons who are well-balanced, have an appreciation of all cultures, religions, arts, and personalities, and those who achieve great accomplishments that directly benefit communities.

It would not be a bad idea to view our lives as case studies or research projects. To see what happens if we decide to invest in building intelligence than making money. Or invest in finding ways to be empathetic. And to see how these pursuits can alter your mindset and behavior. I believe its results will be quite interesting and beneficial to all.

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