Saturday, December 19, 2009

Is life beautiful ??

Life is really so's depend to persion to persion how he takes the is full of challenges it give us apportunity to do something best in our life and make our life b'ful .in life sadness n happiness is like a part of a one always b positive and be happy in whatever u have and always try to get better in life.. whenver u feel sad or depress tht life gives u nothing always see the people who hve less then u......then u fell the real value ..that what u make u happy n satisfy also totally depends on da approach...da way a person luks upto da life...lifez indeed a divine gift bestowed to us by allmighty..we must hv a +ve attitude n faith in ourselves wid equal optimism to make most of live each and every moment of life by this u can make ur life b'ful..

Really life is a beautiful thing which has to be utilized in a good way. We must have the intention of helping others while we were helped by others(Parents). Once, you have a practise of helping orphans and handicaps, you can understand there problem and could realize how gifted we are with healthy life. So, everyday have a smile in your face and cheer up others also.It also depends upon person to is how we handle the situation in our life.Life can be curse for those who thinks entirely depends on our thinking.
a drug addict can make his life a hell or a depents upon him/her.he can make his life beautiful by leaving drugs and can make his life hell by getting addicted to this poision.
life can be good for the students if they study hard and never lose heart.also it can be hell to him if he indulge himself in evil practices like cheating,leaking papers etc.
so god has given everyone this precious life and ask us to choose our own path so it is upto u how u take and live your life.

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