Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Be a good friend of yourself

First thing which everyone must know is to be a good friend of ourself.Most people desire good company. They desire friends, people in whom they can trust and share commonalities with. Many of us are blessed to have great support networks as well as good friends, a blessing indeed. But, many of us have had our share of good and bad apples that fell from the tree. We've spent months, years and maybe seasons sharing our lives with people. The most important thing I learned through all of my experiences is that, everything happens for a reason.

People come into your lives for many reasons. Some to help you, others to learn from you, some to hold you back and others to push you forward. One must recognize that not all friends serve the same purpose. Some are just there to go to events with, some are there to study with, others are there to pray with and really talk about serious issues with, some are there to gossip, or go shopping with and some are there to build futures with. This is life, we cannot expect everyone to meet us at all the points of our needs.

One important thing I also learned is to be good friends with yourselves. Be the type of friend you dreamed to have. The type of friend that has all the qualities to make it with you to the mountaintops. We as women should not expect others to treat us in ways we cannot treat ourselves and those around us. For me conversing is great, always keeping in contact is a plus and being good to people tops the list. But, I am always selective and aware of those that I keep around me. I welcome all, but some get further than others for different reasons. I have a great support network and have been blessed to experience the good and bad of friendships.

In the end, one must be their own best friend and depend on God to supply you with your own support network and friends. And learn to appreciate those who open their lives and hearts out to you. Remember, while being a good friend to yourself, do not push people away. Remain open and willing to create, mend and build new relationships.

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