Sunday, December 6, 2009

Are you the one i am in love with?

The mystery remains within me
Are you the one i'm in love with?
You make me smile
And the other moment I have tears in my eyes.
One moment u make me feel wanted
And the other moment I feel you to be so indifferent.
This feeling gives me a tang of pain,
Still my feelings for you remain all the same.
Last night I saw a dream
You were there standing with all the gleam
Like a star shining up in the sky
Which can't be reached, no matter how hard I try!
They say Times change, people change
then why do my feelings for you remain the same?
I have seen you change
And this encourages me to change with your change.
Alas, you matter to me all the same.
Missing you is pleasure,
Missing you is pain
But it's the tender feeling for you that helps me sustain.
What is this feeling I don't know
But you are the one who makes me glow.
This relationship we share,
What you want to call it
I don't care.
I don't want to name it
I just know you are among the best things
That ever happened to me.
But tell me something
Are you the one I'm in love with???

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