Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Education is the only asset, whenever it is given to others its net value just keeps on increasing day by day. Education is the key to personal, mental and financial forms of higher development. But why do people spend endless years in school to be rich? Or to be comfortable? To afford nice things or to have Dr. or Esq. at the end or beginning of their names? To spend 11 hours in an office or 12 hours in a hospital to become rich and not even wealthy. To take out thousands of rupees in student loans only to end up using your degree to pay it back. Over the years there has been quite a shift in the perception of education.

When has education become a means of trying to get rich. Society, media and family members tell us that if we want to be well off, we need to get an education. If we want to be rich or comfortable, we need an education. There are thousands of ways to get rich and even wealthy without making 12 hour rounds in a hospital or 10 hour days writing briefs. Do not get me misunderstood, education is a better alternative than other choices in a means to become rich, but that is not its sole purpose.

Education is not a means to make money; as a matter of fact it is the end result. Educational institutions are money making machines. They too involve themselves in effective public relations, advertising and "BRANDING." Just like how women rather have Gucci over Kenneth Cole, some rather have Princeton over Rutgers. The point that I am trying to make is that the more people equate education with making money the more we loose sight of its real meaning

Education is supposed to give you the tools, skills and knowledge to be an effective citizen. To use your degree as a means to change the world. To fore go the ego boosters that comes with your suffixes (which is different than being proud of yourself). To use your degree and professional position to benefit something higher than yourself while still making money.

We need to re-evaluate our position as students and hope that the only thing we do not graduate with is loans and a new job. Some might be quite satisfied and content with that. But we need more students who graduate as better human beings, knowing the depths of their determination and hard work and turning that into creative innovations and ideas ways that will yield wealth while making a difference and if this is done...the price of education is well worth it.

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