Thursday, June 3, 2010

Singam Film Review

I dont know what makes singam stand apart from Vettaikaran or Sura. Nevertheless, I liked it. The movie could be called as Saamy II for its racy screenplay.

Few things that were monotonous and could be avoided. Intro scene for hero and Villain, The song sequences amidst the racy screenplay, which remind me of As I am suffering from fever I need leave for 2 days & I am going for pondicherry scene from tamil padam, Mokkai jokes of Vivek, Hero blackmailed or tortured by doing some harm to heroine. I am not saying that the other scenes were not monotonous, but atleast they were enjoyable. Punch dialogues would be good even when soft spoken(read not loudly spoken). Music, Sorry, but I will wait for a day for DSP to give songs like that of Arya II in tamil.

Surya perfectly fitted to his role. Anushka is just like any other dumb girl shown in tamil cinema for umpteen number of times. All scenes associated with her was crap. Particularly the scene when she advises surya to continue to be a cop brought me some headache. I liked on scene of her, when she talks to her father abt license though. All veteran actors like Nazar, Radharavi, Vijaykumar, Manorama, Nizhalgal ravi, Bose were wasted. But you can't expect a class performance from them in a movie like singam. Prakashraj was good, but it was irritating when i saw him uttering the dialogue "ethu en kotta da". Atleast rephrase or paraphrase the dialogue so that it doesnt remind u of any previous movies.

Now when I think of something good I can say about the movie, I couldn't think of one. But it was watchable if not adorable movie for movie. It could be the lead performances(No offence meant to Vijay here, he has a better screen presence than Surya) or well made screenplay, that could make a difference between a Singam and Sura/Vettaikaran vagayara's....

I am sure anyone who watch the movie for just entertainment and usually keep their brain away while watching a movie would like this. I LIKED IT.

Verdict: Watchable 2.75/5

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