Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kamal To Be Cautious With Manmadha Ambu Script

Kamal Haasan who is a man of perfection is going little extra than usual with his upcoming film 'Manmadhan Ambu' with K S Ravikumar. Kamal usually finds it easy to work with K S Ravikumar. That’s because K S Ravikumar usually discusses a story of a Kamal film with his assistants for at least a week before getting the final screenplay ready. If the story is by Kamal himself Ravikumar boldly involves Kamal for changes he requires in the script as the director.

But for ‘Manmadhan Ambu’ there are a whole lot of changes being implemented by Kaml and K S Ravikumar. The most important change is maintaining absolute secrecy of the script. According to new plan Kamal invites only three people for the story discussions. They are Director K S Ravikumar, Era. Murugan and Crazy Mohan - Also he has requested the director not to disclose the story development to anybody else including his assistants and associates. The other members of the team will come to know about the story only at the beginning of each schedule.

So why is Kamal so cautious like never before? It is to preempt any vicious attempt by persons claiming the story to be his. All most all of recent Kamal films faced a problem before release by unscrupulous person claiming credit for his stories.

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