Friday, June 25, 2010

Raajnethi Film Review

Rajneeti, a tale of a political family tree wherin the next gen of years old ruling party fights for "THE KURSI".Traces of Mahabharat shown as Ajay Devgan (Ranbir's brother-brought up by the family's driver) plays the role of Karna supporting Manoj bajpai against Ranbir and Arjun(lead by Nana Patekar) Love triangle between Katrina,Ranbir & his GF. He gets involved into politics to take revenge of his father's murder.Plays the role of a ruthless and mean politician refusing the proposal of katrina and gets her married to Arjun as Katirna's father was funding the newly formed party by Arjun. Complete essence of Politics shown in every relationship and anyone whos a stubling block in their way to "THE KURSI" is Murdered.Lastly Katrina and Ranbir are the only ones living.Katrina takes up the charge of the Party(The Sonia Effect).Ranbir realises his ruthlessness in Politics where he never wanted to be, goes back abraod leaving behind sonia raj...i mean Katrina rule the party.

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