Thursday, January 27, 2011

Siruthai Film Review

Movie: Siruthai
Language: Tamil
Release: 2011 Jan
Cast: Karthi, Thamanna, Sandanam

A remake of ‘Vikramarkudu’ (Telugu), with very slight changes to suit Tamil viewers and Karthi’s mannerism. The Telugu version was tailor made for Ravi Teja and I had enough doubts whether Karthi can give such a performance.
Siruthai – never promised to be perfect, but promised to give wholesome entertainement – lot of fights, songs, dance, sentiments and comedy.
Karthi for the first time in dual roles that too in the very early stage of his career had done it with ease. He plays a local youth and a cop.
Rocket Raja (Karthi) and Kaattupoochi (Santhanam) are small time thieves. Rocket Raja falls in love with a beautiful girl (Tamanna). Things starts to change when a kid comes to him claiming to be his son. And there comes Rathnavel Pandian (Karthi).

Karthi just perfectly fits in as both the characters. His graph is still moving very high and with this movie his dream run is just continuing. His second movie with Tamanna, recreates the magic once again. Tammana as sweet innocent girl is very lovable. And Santhanam is back after his successful character in Boss engira Baskaran.
Music: Is good and hummable. BGM is very similar to the Telugu versions.
Cinematography: is good and adds strength in stunt sequences.
Fight: Action sequences are the backbone of the movie along with comedy. The action is composed in style.
Overall: The movie is a good mass entertainer with right mixture of masalas. First half is very hilarious but second half just falls bit low with excess of violence. Too much of Telugu favor is another thing which will catch you.
BO Prediction: Sure winner.

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