Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kaavalan Film Review

After long time I went to the first day first show of a Vijay movie with a lot of expectations. Before I entered the theater I was surprised to see that many came there for Aadukalam as they were not aware of the release of Kaavalan.
Film started with hero's introduction, and yes they did show that hero was a power full guy. Then his dad, who wants to change the life of his son and also to help his friend in some critical position sends vijay to Rajkiran's hometown to be his bodyguard. Like I said, this film begins with an opening song, Vinnai Kaapan Oruvan, which was really irritating, and because of this I lost my confidence even though but fans enjoyed that song. One thing I have to tell here, usually Vijay performs a long jump but this time it was a high jump. After the song vijay saves Rajkiran from villain's group. In that fight sequence, Rajkiran's performance evoked applause from the audience.

Rajkiran's daughter is Asin. Asin and her family friend study in the same college. Rajkiran sends Vijay as her bodyguard into the college. Also vadivel and his to be wife stay in his guest house. From here on we are treated to some utter waste comedy sequences which happen both inside college and in the guest house. Vijay plays a perfect bodyguard and wears ITI uniform, coolers and a cap. He's is very harsh with the two girls.

Then Asin, who doesn't want him to follow her decides to play a prank, and calls him to say that she likes him. Vijay gets angry in beginning and then he too falls in love with the prank caller not knowing that it is Asin who had called him.

Vijay continues his romance through mobile phone. For a second I thought this could be a remake of T Rajendar's Monisha en monalisha oda.

He tells her that he wants to see her face but she duck his request. Feeling guilty, Asin too falls in love with Vijay. Vadivelu's comedy works to an extent in the second half.

Last half an hour, however, is the best part in this film. I could see Thullatha Manamum Thullum Vijay after a long time. The climax is truly one of the best in the history of Tamil cinema. The bike stunt sequence was asusual laughable like every other Vijay film. The back ground score in the climax tugs at your heart, and makes you remember S A Rajkumar's la le la lalaala. Only a couple of songs stay in your memory, the rest of the songs are merely added to fill the space.

Verdict - Go for it!!!

Verdict - Family entertainer.

My ratings - 3.5/5

Siddique - Real Show stealer in Kaavalan

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