Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Name is Khan film review

Very early at the start of the movie our hero Rizwan khan is taught by his mother that there are only two kinds of people in the world the good kind and the other bad. I was just wondering how simple it could be if our movie watching experience could be as simple as that and classify simply as good or bad. I for one invariably find it difficult to classify movies as plainly as that. There would be some fantastic movies which will have parts that don’t work for me, and some terrible movies where some parts works wonders. So the overall experience is always could not always be put in a simple word or two. MNIK is one such movie

It’s a story of Rizwan khan who is autistic (Asperger syndrome) and his journey to win back his love of his life. The movie starts of with setting up Rizwan Khans character and goes in flashback mode detailing his childhood. These portions give an engaging start to the movie and it really picks of once Rizwan Khan reaches US. The next one hour is purely entertaining and it’s definitely the high point of the movie. When you have a pair like SRK – Kajol their chemistry can make wonders to even the most dullest and uninspiring sequences. KJo does really well and creates some really dearly lovable moments. Be it the proposal scene or the scene on the bed, or even a simple conversation about California looks magical with these two are around. The pre interval block where a tragedy strikes and rips the two apart is all heavy melodrama that you associate KJo with. He shines in these portions and leaves a lump in the throat aided by some brilliant acting.

The movie starts to falter in the second half as Rizwan Khan travels across regions to fulfill his promise. So we have a sub plot involving a small town in Georgia where our man does a miraculous turn over to the hurricane hit area which is too clich├ęd and cinematic. There is another sequence where he ends up preaching the truth about Islam and uncovers a terrorist plot which looks very amateurish and laughable. As much as these subplots are essential in Rizwan fulfilling his dream and to carry the movie forward, you are left with a feeling of emptiness and wish these sequences could have been much better. And the climatic sequence though plays out as expected to have a happy go ending looks a tad silly.
Inspite of these glitches and unevenness you carry away a pleasant feeling when the movie ends and it’s primarily because of the fact you heart goes out for the very likeable nature of Rizwan Khan. SRK is no natural actor and is often criticized for being hammy or over doing his role. But he gets it absolutely right. The Only autism I am aware is through Rainman and Forrest Gump so can’t really comment how authenticate his portrayal is, but for sure its believable and consistent throughout. This might well be his best role yet. Be it his body language or his quirky mannerisms, we see he has put in an earnest effort and is payed off really well. It’s a heart touching endearing performance. Lookout for the sequence where Kajol proposes to him or the scene where he comforts his brother breaking down, we see an actor who has developed leaps and bounds. After Swades and Chak de this role might turn out to be another one where his detractors become his fans. Way to go King Khan.

He is equally complimented by a Fantastic Kajol, who always looks like she has never taken a break from films. She looks fantastic and performs equally well. Look out for the scene where she hugs her kid’s dead body and slowly breaks down, she is one of the very few actress who could have pulled of that scene so well. It’s a pity to have several known actors in small cameos, where none of them are properly utilized. Hence none of them sticks to your heart when the movie ends.

As with any KJo this movie too boasts of great production values. Ravi K chandran is fantastic behind the camera. He covers such varies landscapes with such finesse. Shankar Ehsaan Loys music is equally good. Songs are used in the BGM as a narrative and is used sparsely unlike other Kjo movies which is a relief. Yet as in the case of his previous movie, though the content here is very sensitive you get the feeling that treatment is all shallow and glossy. For sure he has toned it down, but yet you dont get the gritty realistic treatment that one would associate with such an issue. On the whole the movie ends up as yet another entertaining movie with some terrific performances when essentially it could have ended up way better.

P.S: It is truly disappointing to see what is happening to SRK and MNIK. People can either like a movie or not like a movie, but they should be definitely given a chance to watch the movie. It is shocking that some atrocious cheap politics playing spoil sport and deciding whether or not that people should be allowed to watch the movie. Its one individual right to speak his mind and SRK just did that. He speaks and believes in an ideology and am really happy that he stood by it even after facing such immense pressure from all quarters. For that alone this movie has to watched and supported. I and I alone decide what movie should I watch and what I should not, and not any other ##@$#@#$#@.

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