Monday, February 8, 2010

ASAL Film Review

I started my day with lotta excitement, THALA was the oly word I had in my mind… I dint have much expectations for this film, I just had a couple of wishes; 1.Movie mustn’t worst like Aegan again… 2. Movie must atleast take a level near Billa as a decent hit…………. So the first wish of mine got fulfilled straight away.. But the later one failed……. [:(][:(]

Here we go, ASAL starts in France with dual Ajith on-screen, I wonder it’s not needed for Ajith to make a dual role there coz it dint ve any bigger effect… For people who asks y thr’s not much difference in father & son’s get-up except for the greys, please note it’s father-son & this son is more like his dad in looks & behavior, he loves his dad & so he might have been in his dad’s get-up…….. [:)] But there’s no real need for the dual role……. Coming to Ajith, he did well in stunts & in every frame he enters he is good.. Cinematography has been great… Yuhi Sethu rocked with a few ROTFL comments… But why did AJITH, CHARAN & YUHI thought so like to make every character walk around France it doesn’t mean thy are doing something different……. Surprisingly the film is not only packed with Ajith on every frame, every character had their piece of cake, Ajith dint have much dialogs, but every character using the word THALA in every scene now & then, this should have been avoided….. Coming to villains, I have spent most of my time in first half to count the number of characters being used to play as VILLAINS…. The vast number of Villains are surely of no big use for the film…. Songs, I cant say any song as a great number, but one or two were looking good visually but totally irritating with the flow………………. Script: I dint find anything new for the content same old BETRAYAL, REVENGE, CLIMAX FIGHT, stuff but been made with style factor…….. Heroines, Bhavana & Sameera appeared to be glam-dolls to be around Ajith & been used as a set property in climax…… Prabhu’s character looks totally unnecessary…….. Kindly avoid such shots to make the characters simply walk around it’s not so cool always & rather it’s irritating….On the whole, the movie was not the worst but it ll fall under the OK kinda classification… If I speak as a THALA fan I really had sme movements of rejoice in the film, but when I remove that layer mask on me & to speak as a Tamil Cinema Lover I am disappointed with ASAL…

RATING: 2.5/5……. 1 for AJITH’s screen-presence, 1 for the Cinematographer, 0.5 for few Stunts…..

COMMENT: Same old formula in a new note-book………………

Verdict: Disappointing……….. [:(][:(]

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