Friday, December 6, 2013

Jannal Oram movie Review

Karu Pazhaniappan, familiar for crisp scripts and philosophical dialogues  is back on roll. Jannal Oram is a filled cup of artists and the first half travels with these characters mentioning Parthipen as Karuppu, Vemal as Subbaiah, Vidharth as Saami, Ramana as Justin, Poorna as Nirmala David, Manisha Yadav as Kalyani, Rajesh as Vinayagam aka Anna sir, Sanjay Bharathi as Shiva and others.

Its a good ride with all these artists compiling with Arbhindu Saaraa’s cinematography. After registering all the characters with fun and emotions, the actual story begins. Its a bus travel were Vemal being the conductor and Parthipen as driver, trips  from Palani to Pannaikadu, a rare nature oriented village neighboring the town Kodaikanal. Vemal gets his romantic track with Manisha Yadav in his daily routine whereas Parthipen being humble and simple flirt.

Parthipen once getting drunk in dawn and unstable for drive is a stop shot were Vemal forces himself to the driver seat. Resulting the thrill is the accident where an unknowing person falls across the road. Vemal preparing himself to stop the bus but being late, runs down the unidentified person with injuries. Both the driver and conductor takes help from a passer to admit the victim in the hospital. Shiva returning from Surat for Poorna planning for a surprise with his early return to home becomes the victim in the accident. In the next day they find the victim Shiva to be Anna sir’s (Rajesh) son and running back to the hospital, finds no evidence of admission. Whispering Shiva commits suicide in a faraway hill, shocking the village. How did this happen? Who was the stranger? Was it a murder or suicide? Answering all these questions is the story all about.

Parthipen’s experience excels, Vemal is yet again simple, Poorna and Manisha are charming and delightful, Vidharth makes it again in the hills being a volunteer for all good happenings in the village, Ramana identified properly, Singampuli is comical as always and Sanjay Bharathi’s tragedy carries twists to Jannal Oram. The movie has all elements of comedy drama in its first half and twists in the second. Music scoring low and unwanted song sequences troubles the show. Overall, Jannal Oram is crowded in screen and it is left to audience to fill the show time.

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